April 20, 2017 POETRY / FICTION


Lisa Morris



Prettier Than You



Ashley’s prettier than you, you know…

with her glam lips and perfect thighs.

Boy, and Keegan’s got you beat by a long shot-

she’s brilliant AND looks great in a bikini.


You’d better get an edge, little girl-

you’re nothing but a dolly

(Who needs an ugly dolly?)

Don’t worry, dear, we can help


just let us paint you in the standard colors

and strip off half your clothes…

What? Don’t you want to be wanted?


Expose yourself, hon, it’s the thing

drop your pants, drop your mystery

drop your elegance, drop your dreams

use your wit to earn friends;

use your body to earn love.


Don’t worry about the humiliation-

it fades…

and if not, there’s always

another relationship

another distraction

to help you feel “more like yourself”

(More comfortable in the life

that doesn’t quite fit

that isn’t quite yours)


Yes, yes

bare it, share it,

pass it around!

let everyone have a feel…

Good, good, now you’re “powerful”

can’t you feel the power?


Don’t buy the lies!


Come away, child…

let’s run from this place

to the One who will heal you-


The life you’re living is much too small

for a heart so wild-


of course you don’t fit in!

Haven’t you guessed, child?

You were made for bigger things!


Come, He waits, with a robe of strength

to wrap around your naked shoulders

and a love wilder than anything you’ve tasted

so hang on tight, child…











Lisa Morris

Lisa Morris is a freeverse and formalist poet, nature explorer, artist and traveler. Formerly an agent for authors, she is now author of two books, “Your Love is Inconvenient and Sublime” available on Kindle, and “The Sorcerer and Other Poems” available through Rainfall Books. Lisa is married to surrealist Cliff Snell III.


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