April 20, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Rick Davis



moving through anger



enough is enough –

lightning splits open sky


as i stumble in rage

walking out from shadows


drowning in frustration

swimming aimlessly


inside a cave of skin

but, you are here –


you are my medicine –

the healing of wounds,


still, i cleave to rage –

the hot sky screams with planes


but with your love

my angst will fade


and our love, as stylized fountains,

showers us playfully –


little owl in the morning oak,

without rage, without resentment –


where is your happiness?

so for a night


i was consumed in fire –

it gets old to be continually bruised.


but deep in the glance

of your silver-blue eyes


and these written words

my pulse slows


and i become wind,

and look at my anger


like a shadow floating

inside a shadow.








coping with chronic pain



pain in my

abdomen —


and gnawing


crushes my peace…

tests are normal —

perhaps it is just

the degenerative

disc disease


but the pressure

like a lead weight

causes hands

to sweat

and like a

dehydrated man

seeking water


i need it to stop.


Then, i release

and detach


floating inward

in warm sky.


this is

who i really am.













Rick Davis

Rick (Richard) Davis is married and lives in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago with his wife and grandchild. He graduated from Northeastern Illinois University, and has completed several graduate programs. He has published over 600 poems.

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  1. Leslie DeLuca April 20, at 06:58

    The subtle changes in lines segueing from the thunderous forces of ravaging pain into a peaceful respite of the human touch as pain relief is so visibly and beautifully captured in "Moving Through Anger" and the "Coping With Chronic Pain" suggests to me, despairing moans meeting crossroads of sorts whether it be accepting an imminent demise or a healthy dose of analgesia or quite simply an undeniably strong willed individual battling mind over matter and physical pain.; either way a freedom and I'm not going to assume any which one it may be. These are powerfully amazing magnetic pieces to read.


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