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Santosh Kumar Pokhrel



I Wage A Moral War



Humility was internalized

As decency was advised

Etiquette was observed to full

Submission harmonized.


Ask me what I did not do

In fake this big bazaar?

This world of lies and human cries

To world of fools debar.


And now you tell me why I grew

To false image your tar

And bring about some change in life

I wage a moral war.







On The Altar



Sacrificed are those animals

Some indoor some outdoor

Some in temples almost

And some lost ashore

To experience their fate

In debate

If the sacrifice is a lore!


I sat entwined

With my blurred mind

A bit aligned

With the kind

Of this rite.

And things I knew

As tried my critical view

Nothing wrong or right.

Peoples’ creeds

With their different breeds

Things going alright.


To you I pray

Better yourself you say

If it is a virtue or vice

This sacrifice!








My Village



Just once a year or two

As memories of childhood

And rustic smells me woo,

My tender heart;

Wishes instant revert

To the trails,

With swirl of sands in the gales;

Itching our eyes

We all the guys

Never did we fail

To smell this odor

And the cow shed’s fodder

That we could much inhale.


I think for some while

That heart mine beguile

Those huts, those streets

Sprees and the treats

Elders the builders

Their land for the toil!

They reared us; troubles

Ever they did foil.


I loved that life

And the years I survived

In my childish gentle prank

Several times I sank

In recollections right

And take sweeter bite.


My heart does boil

I love that soil

As then and always

But been busy nowadays

In urban life and its run

And now,

My intent and my vow

Nothing can stun!










Santosh Kumar Pokhrel

Santosh Kumar Pokhrel is a senior civil engineer and a noted contemporary poet from Nepal. He spent almost seven years in Moscow during his study. He is member of different literary sites and has frequent publications. Mr Pokhrel is a published poet and has hundreds of poems and two published books, the latest being SACRAMENTO POEMS, also available as an e-book and can be found at www.odishaestore.com/sacramento.

Poems by Santosh Kumar Pokhrel can be frequently seen in several facebook literary groups under S. Pokhrel. The poet enjoys three world languages English, Russian and French including Hindi and mother tongue Nepali.  Most of his poems are lyrical and rhyming. His poems range from simple romantic to metaphysical full of oriental sentiments. He is found dancing in pleasure and crying out in distress in his poems.

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    Thanks Tuck magazine for giving so much space in your beautiful journal.


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