April 28, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Emmanuel Joseph



The Quest For Freedom



Feeble mother

In striding springy steps

Lone she strides

amidst a tongue-tied cry

Of an old feeble wild

As she wails in pain

Pouring libation for her children’s liberation

To and fro mind in dilemma flow

Ebbing on tides of thought

Beats of drum peals along her cry

To be free from the chains of men

She cry for her glory dying in embers

Lunging into an abyss of space

In her womb lies a sierra of decadence fruit

Teardrop pitter pattering drips

Questing to quench for freedom

She echoes across oceans

Whirlwinding with grips

As she reach the answers of her prayer










Emmanuel Joseph

Emmanuel Joseph is a poet from Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa, who writes on contemporary issues and past issues within living memory. He is presently studying politics at the Fourah Bay College, USL.

He heads an online poetry group of his fellow poets inspiring many over the years in engaging in the field of poetry. His book ”Green Foliage of Dried Leaves” will be out soon.


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