Mrs May: Why Britain needs her now to deal with EU negotiations

May 1, 2017 Europe , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , UK

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Hazel Speed

It is a bit incredulous that when the EU Countries could have given a basic guideline once they knew the UK were leaving Europe, they have chosen to outline their categorical imperatives (as opposed to hypothetical ones), or preliminary demands, whilst the UK is in the middle of a General Election.

Their concerns about Northern Ireland are basically, primarily at least, first to be decided and determined by the UK Government (within deliberations after consultations amongst the people thereof). The EU should really keep out of that matter until sensitive debate is entered into with them about borders. It is not unilaterally their call.

Statements either made by themselves, and/or others promoting a United Ireland, with promised incorporation under the EU umbrella for the whole of Ireland one day, is again like the statements about Gibraltar.

Where else do they have sheep-stealing interests? But humorously they do not seem to want Scotland. With Nicola Sturgeon screaming the odds before she could join them, one cannot blame them for that.

When the EU declare they wonder what galaxy Mrs May is in, she is very much based with feet firmly on the ground, on UK soil but thank you for asking.

The EU ‘speaking as one voice’ should have either made their announcement of demands last year or held their political tongue until post UK General Elections.

There are covert factors at work within the UK, and regardless of the rights or the wrongs of Gina Miller‘s Supreme Court Hearing, Mrs May would by now have secured a lot in the interests of the very people bemoaning her efforts and motives presently, trying to cause dissent between peoples of the four Constituent Countries of the United Kingdom.

Britain has therefore been shown as if it has no back-bone, no unity, and no intestinal fortitude which is downright embarrassing.

Younger generations are being exploited by Mr Corbyn, ‘seize your future’ he says, his rhetoric addressing the fact that younger teenagers, if allowed to vote, would add up to over a million or more who, he probably asserts, would all vote for him. On that basis, older generations could state ‘if only their contemporaries had not died, we could have had their vote.’

For younger voters who were born in the last decades, all they know is life of the UK being associated with Europe, but in essence, pre Brexit, I doubt they knew too much about what that actually entailed or how the EU governed them; they probably still assumed the UK Parliament had all Authority.

They should not be used for political manipulation, but take an honest appraisal, do their own research and speak to both their peers and older people or family members, parents or grandparents who knew what life was before the EU/Common Market, when the UK signed up for what was then a different entity and relationship to the worrying machine it has since become, and with its declared aim of military – One Army, One Leader, other ambitions and ultimate goals. The young voter should ask themselves if that worries them. If not, it should.

They may be more concerned to be able to back-pack between European countries, on request at each border, without need of a Visa, just a quick presentation of an EU Passport which in itself has the loss of individual country identity, with its little red book inference.

The key thing presently is whether Mrs May should put this whole matter of response on hold, until after 8th June, to see if she is re-elected as Prime Minister with ‘a strong and stable leadership’ (Yes, I know!), and then tackle the EU stance.

This is why the EU have deposited their initial droppings on the doorstep of No 10 presently, to cause political mischief, as the Prime Minister will be ‘damned if she starts discussions’ (as it will undercut her campaigning when her words are leaked or which she may disclose to journalists herself), then ‘damned if she doesn’t’ (as her critics will claim she will be saying one thing whilst campaigning for the General Election then will do what she wants once in power).

I am glad she has said the EU initial demands are their initial comments or stance prior to formal discussions and she will be ready for some hard negotiations.

Notice the EU put priority on their 3 million citizens living in the UK, family rights, jobs, residences – rarely, if ever do they mention the UK citizens living in Europe, far less in total.

The EU is all about them, the UK has to be all about Great Britain. They are doing UKIP’s job and Leave Campaigners for them. As for the UK paying to leave the EU there are others who say they may owe the UK Government.

For those who want a soft Brexit – though for those who voted Leave they just rightly call it Brexit – at least this is one way that the EU has helped Mrs May confirm that people are not going to get it. All the Remoaners have inadvertently helped her in that regard.

The EU claim that Britain will be worse off leaving the association, can we just remind them that there are more countries in the Commonwealth than they have ever dreamed of in their philosophies.










Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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