North Korea should stop crying wolf when there is one at their door

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Hazel Speed

With the news that the largest Japanese warship is now escorting a US supply vessel, and the French and British Fleets are also included in military exercises whilst North Korea keep launching dud fireworks until they get it right, then it cannot be doubted this whole flotilla of military presence is not merely to enjoy a day out.

The financial cost alone, alongside the political and military co-ordination, must be tremendous.

President Trump has also now stated that something has to be done about the North Korean situation, and that it cannot continue. He also added the chilling warning that if military action is taken, then millions would die.

Even if the stakes make it unavoidable that force has to be used, it takes quite a search of conscience for any leader of the free world to give the order and press the button, i.e. do it to them before they do it to us.

Worse still, the other way, if America or any other country suffered a nuclear strike by North Korea when President Trump was sitting nearby, trying to show restraint.

One can only talk, plead, rely on China to intercede, for so long, whilst the North Koreans are working hard in their basement endeavouring to get their rockets to fly properly before adding nuclear capacity.

The Korean War in the 1950s was supposed to be a police action, yet we see from the TV Series M.A.S.H – based on actual front line surgery, which saved many lives – that it was a war by another name.

It makes one wonder about the preparations post war in case things happen again, but the people were so poor and living in basic ways, little food, humble dwellings left behind and destroyed, as the people kept having to move in order to stay ahead of the advancing enemy.

Despite the humanitarian aspects of destroying North Korea and its people with an American pre-emptive or responsive attack, it would also inevitably kill many if not all in parts of South Korea.

The President would end up as the bad guy whatever happened.

Yet North Korea should recall that the Americans did drop the world’s first atomic bomb on two Japanese Cities which caused that Nation to surrender at the time of World War II – and despite memories of the same, the Japanese are now escorting the US supply ship.

After WWII, the Japanese Constitution initiated its own rules not to fight unless their own country was in jeopardy or an ally needed help, yet they are reputed to have a larger and more modern fleet than that of the British.

The wolf is at the door, knocking, and he is not going away until this matter is resolved, either peacefully or in military terms, whether exercised within surgical or blanket terms.

President Trump cannot keep returning to this point (whether in geographic or metaphorical references), and America, nor anyone else, can just wait to be blown away by North Korea.

One more huge sadness in this scenario is that how many civilians in North Korea (if they are not all conscripted anyway) either know, or would believe how close they really are to annihilation.









Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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