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Opal Ingram



Look At Me, Not Through Me



Water is a reflection

Just our perfection

the lines slowly disappear


Everything seems so clear.


Do you know what the cycle feels like?


Look through me,

not at me.


My spirit hovered in dark corners

Rub me up dove


Take me afar

Into heaven along with my entire club.


Release all prisoners

In which they do not belong.


Look away.

I felt un love.


Do you know what the cycle feels like?


Look through me

not at me.


I thought

I knew him well.


He punched me!


Sitting in a pool of hate

and blood, I crawled to a dark corner

I saw myself on a golden light

It reached my hand and said fight!


You must!


I cried myself to sleep.


Look through me

not at me.


I felt ugly inside.


When you look at me


See me!


That smile is for you.


Don’t look through me

When you look at me

I am a Woman with a smile.

That smile is for you.









Sitting On The Edge



I sat on the edge

and watched the sun

In a glare.


I felt a chemistry drawn in to nature.


I glance at the moon

It was a half of a moon

It glittered.


I felt a peace

Like no other.


I said an utterance

of a prayer of protection.


I felt peace like no other

sitting on the edge.












Opal Ingram - Tuck Magazine

Opal Ingram

Opal Ingram is a Poet/ Author from the Lower East Side NYC . She currently Resides In Troy, NY. Her Passion For Writing began in her childhood.

Opal Ingram also has a Facebook Poetry group, Opal Expressions Poetry aka- Poetress Mystic.


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