Macron wins French Election but is that good or bad news for British Brexiteers?

May 8, 2017 Europe , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , UK

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Hazel Speed

Mr Macron has had a decisive victory in winning the French election. Marine Le Pen has also reminded everyone that she remains the official opposition Party.

Already however, and as expected, Mr Macron is cleaving to the aims of the EU (Germany in particular). The kind of reforms he spoke about regarding the European Union, were not as originally anticipated by some though, and may now be just what British Brexiteers would like to see, as he seeks further ‘strength’ for the EU as a whole which hardly constitutes the term ‘reform’, so more hostility is now being shown collectively against Brexit which indirectly may play into certain hands.

Mr Macron will adopt an even harder stance against the UK, it is now being said by those in the know. Mrs May has extended the usual congratulatory comments to Mr Macron however.

Further remarks by many in Britain are putting a spin on a stronger Europe being good for everyone. Brexiteers will be hoping that the playground grouping already emerging now against Britain (via a few snide remarks from the usual sources), will result in an inevitable ‘no deal’ is better than a ‘bad deal’ outcome in respect of Article 50 negotiations.

Meanwhile Marine Le Pen is not going away any time soon. Germany also has its own problems right now with Nazi memorabilia surfacing yet again, not to mention the alarming rise in popularity of the right wing Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) party in the country.

Britain is well out of Europe according to some commentators, as all the ‘best friends’ currently within the EU will soon be falling out over something or other – with tears before bedtime. Time will tell.









Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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