Stephen Kinnock: The Leader of the Labour Party if they ever hope to win an Election

May 8, 2017 Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , UK

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Hazel Speed

Taking a hint is difficult, as is blunt speaking, but when a whole country and someone like Labour MP Stephen Kinnock keeps declaring that the Labour Party, and its present (albeit nice man, but, etc), needs to change its act, perhaps even Mr Corbyn may listen this time.

Local Councils (limited areas throughout the UK), have made their views heard in no uncertain terms by voting for other political Parties. Considering the most important General Election for decades is on 8th June, they have probably already written off their chances of having hardly any political power in the affairs of the next Parliament or the subsequent one.

This is the time Brexit voters will be voting for Mrs May, as there is not another opportunity for a collective Leave vote anymore because now, everything is Party and demographic based.

Stephen Kinnock’s words are spot on and truthful from what I hear people say. Nobody represents ordinary white voters because of diversity taking away the voice of the traditional UK (especially, but not exclusively, English) voter.

UKIP/ Brexiteers are always going to vote for the Party who will see the exit of the UK from Europe achieved, and even more, they like the way The Prime Minister is dealing with that objective so far and ongoing.

Labour Minister Emily Thornberry always tries to put a spin on difficult questions during interviews and attempts to change the subject – today’s effort was, as usual, sadly lacking if it was meant to be convincing.

Mr Corbyn’s anti nuclear and lack of support of military weaponry in general terms, will always deter most people from voting for him. It doesn’t matter what is said on these subjects regarding the Labour Party as an entity itself, as at the end of the day, if he were Prime Minister, Mr Corbyn could still choose his own stance when it might come to instructing submarine Commanders, as the letter of last resort which each Prime Minister writes personally, and sends to the Officer of the Nuclear Submarines, is confidential, put under lock and key, and kept that way – if, and until, the instructions might be needed either before, or after the UK no longer exists – a point, apparently, deduced if the Officer cannot reach anyone and may have to ask the free world what has happened to the UK.

Would readers prefer, under such contingency, to know that Mrs May or Mr Corbyn is Prime Minister?









Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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