May 10, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Emmanuel Joseph






Assembled assemblage


mentally polluted

with donors of selfish interest

dedicated to combating violence

in a wild of drenching blood

progeny, mothers in cold blood

thwarting occurrence

of a peaceful ambience

Exiling peace

in the abysses of space

Now, furnace of hell brings

a scorching atmosphere that springs

spelling plague upon houses

where true nature of love

once dwelled


Assemblage polluted minds

still glowing the dying embers of war

on cadaver of innocent souls

assembled in a combat

in scorched land of stanched blood

confusing looting cacophony

turmoiling the air with yelping turmoil

contaminated with carrion fleshes

of innocent mothers and children


Somalia Somalia

the land of sad tomorrow

the tomorrow of broken dreams

dreams interpreted by the gun

the land of crooked future

the future polluted with wars

the war of senseless revolution

the revolution of senseless gains.








On An Exile For Evergreen Farms

(For those Africans risking their lives trying to be in Europe)



Broken dreams

metamorphosing into foolishness

Ephod of hopelessness they worn

Clawed in claws mentality

dreams stripped from its realities

on a safari across ocean

of burning flames

left in the depth of mediterranean

Crooked ideology of crooked odyssey

bowed under the weight of poverty

from terra firma of buried upgrowth

to an abode of slavery

Assemblage youths

with Chattels on boat

trespassing realms

escaping the scorching ambience

of Africa

denying responsibilities to cultivate the little at hand

to a place patriarchal toil toiled

Like swallowing birdies looking for evergreen wilds

On the voyage of becoming rich

across plethora of narrowed ways

abandoned mothers, children left

on the ebb and tides of the sea

echoing their exile for evergreen farms












Emmanuel Joseph

Emmanuel Joseph is a poet from Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa, who writes on contemporary issues and past issues within living memory. He is presently studying politics at the Fourah Bay College, USL.

He heads an online poetry group of his fellow poets inspiring many over the years in engaging in the field of poetry. His book ”Green Foliage of Dried Leaves” will be out soon.


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