Brexit, Barnier and Irish border issues

May 15, 2017 Europe , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS , UK

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Hazel Speed


David Davis, Secretary for Exiting Europe, has voiced his concerns as to the proposed agenda (Phase 1), in respect of discussions between the EU and the UK regarding leaving Europe, and there will be many who agree with him.

Michel Barnier was invited to speak to the Parliament in the South of Ireland, which some remarked, although anticipated to spread EU propaganda, was in political bad taste.

I watched most of that speech and it was ironic to hear that Mr Barnier’s first ever vote was in 1972 when he was 21, it related to European Elections – then the Common Market (he voted in the positive), and it was also this writer’s same age, same first election issue and that vote was utilised in the negative.

It is obvious that within the discussions now before the UK and the formalities of Article 50, there are a lot of serious issues to discuss in respect of the UK borders at every point, none more so than those involving Northern Ireland.

Many remarked that it was not up to Mr Barnier to visit in this way at such a sensitive time, as he was not the one whose country adjoined the South of Ireland.

Where are the political parties who criticise Mrs May ‘holding hands’ with President Trump (which she did not, and they know it, The President of the United States held a few of her fingers to steady her whilst descending steps, so in truth, was being ‘chivalrous’) – why are they not commenting on Mr Banier’s visit as interference, even if out of genuine concern? No outburst from Mr Bercow this time either!

The EU have told Britain not to approach their Member EU Countries, (in an effort to persuade them on issues or secure trade deals),  yet Mr Barnier is placing himself within a politically delicate situation by his visit and insists the issue must be sorted or agreed before all else.

The UK is used to interference, first The Falklands, Gibraltar, now the Northern Ireland Border.

I am sure Mrs May (for presently there is no opposition), will be re-elected as Prime Minister, if only going on both the polls, and what some top Labour Team Members themselves are admitting. Therefore she and her Ministers are well aware of the issues relating to the Irish border and will be consulting with parties in Northern Ireland.

Please let the UK Government do their job regarding their own geographical borders. Everyone wants to maintain peace in Northern Ireland at all costs, but visits and comments, then demands regarding Article 50 discussions, are dangerous in themselves.

Please give credit to the UK Government that they do not need to be told by foreign countries how to look after their own, and maintain good and peaceful relationships with people who adjoin UK borders, wherever they may be.




Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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