Labour’s Manifesto or Jeremy Corbyn’s political bucket list?

May 17, 2017 Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS , UK

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Hazel Speed


In political terms, Jeremy Corbyn’s Manifesto may indeed be his political ‘bucket list’.

It is all very well, but primarily this General Election is all about Brexit. as from that, all else follows. Most would like renationalisation of ‘this and that’, but they are all secondary to who will be elected as Prime Minister to fight the UK corner with the EU.

Mrs May is not conducting a Presidential Campaign but seeks her own Mandate so that Mr Corbyn cannot taunt her as before ‘that she was not elected’ or ‘it was the Conservative Party which was elected’. Mr Corbyn would be wise to do the same, given his precarious position.

Less than subtle hints emerging from the European political alley, tell us that two gang members in particular await to clobber the UK – Germany and France. One may indeed be trying to repress jokes about René (‘Allo, Allo‘) and Basil (‘Fawlty Towers‘, when a  group of European people were ordering a meal in the restaurant of his hotel and Basil was trying so hard to be PC).

Despite Mr Corbyn’s brave attempt with his manifesto to please everyone from A to Z, along with costings thereof, it is a far from feasible endeavour.

It was quite sweet to note however that he would continue with the funding of Trident, but it is the pushing of the button that is the issue, not the polishing of it. He already passed the update of Trident on the vote in Parliament anyway.

Great to build Council houses like there used to be, for the young, and give them a start, but there are many in private renting who are older and have never owned their own home. No doubt they never will. Often it is due to bad landlords protected by the law and not always over substandard housing, but buying to sell investments thus playing with peoples’ lives.

The trouble with a Manifesto that adopts a metaphorical scatter gun approach, throwing sweets to the crowd, is that some do not receive any at all. Only so many to go round.

What about the homeless? Perhaps I overlooked that as I know Mr Corbyn is anxious for their plight. Temporary indivdual shelter schemes within supervised units, free showers, laundry, food and medical needs.

It would have been a good idea to reinstate volunteers in hospitals (old school orderlies), and trainee/school leavers as nurses’ helpers. Many in hospital have no one so a volunteer system would be invaluable.

However, shopping or bucket lists are a little passé, as the public prefer to ask Political Parties on one or two specific issues and they do not care if more than one Party has the same view on things as it is not a competition.

Far better to stick to core values and limit the political menu but Brexit is the soup du jour and Britain does not want to be in it.





Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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