May 17, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Ennin Kwaku Godfred




A Hero in Disguise



I was so glued to her like a stitch


In her world, mine was the top-notch


She could defy gravity to show love up in the skies


Her grimace depicted the uncertain hope for the unknown futurity


Devoid of family ties, she promised to be a wife


Just like her mother, her beauty was exceptionally nice


Lo, these were imaginaries of the smiling daylight as I took a stroll


Like in the movies, there she sat under the iroko-weeping


Eyes reddened-tears with no signs of abating


From afar I looked and was panting


Who could have left this rose in such an unkempt state?


I wondered, pounded and even got bothered!

This Rose deserves better, Lest it will wither!


I was burning with emotional sensation

I saw her like a fugitive without a nation


She had a sight without a vision


Her fate was so rare to expect


Heart felt pains is what she has been through, I suspect


My presence was irresistibly felt


No need to hurt


She now got a new definition of love, compassion and that I respect


Showing her love and companionship restored her smiles


Tears vanished like it never was


From thence, I was a hero in her ever joyous heart.






Ennin Kwaku Godfred

Ennin kwaku Godfred, as I’m affectionately called, is an up and coming sensational and creative writer who hails from Kwahu Mpreaso in the Eastern region of Ghana. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and sociology at the University of Cape Coast. My passion is to write about the relevant social, educational, political and economical issues, among many others, circular issues and is mostly triggered by personal experiences birthed by my desire to write. Such a characteristic of me is evident in the originality, innovativeness and influence of my articles. I am driven by my popular saying ‘UNTIL THE OCEAN FREEZES TO BREEZE, I WILL ALWAYS BE AT THE SHORE TO WRITE.’


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