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Hazel Speed


I cannot ever recall in my life time such political turmoil leading up to a General Election in the United Kingdom.

We live now, in a ‘mix and match’ of political Parties as the electorate want a particular leader, perhaps, but prefer the policies of a different Party, or elements of all.

Added to this, of course is the dire tragic situation of the terrorist attack on Manchester, and the heartbreaking facts relating to those who were murdered, and the indescribable emotional turmoil their families, friends, schools and former workmates are trying to come to terms with.

Then there are the survivors of that dreadful event, whose bodies, emotional and mental capacities have suffered injuries – some apparent and other aspects known to the children and adults alone, with support of their samilies, schoolmates, workmates – assisted by voluntary specialised services.

The country is on critical alert, troops and armed Police seeking down others who were involved in the bombing.

Then, we learned of the leaking of what should have been secure photographic evidence of a crime scene which was published in America, thus potentially allowing the guilty to flee or remove any incriminating evidence. Above that though, such visual elements encroach on the emotions that are the private and sensitive reserve of all affected by the consequences of that bomb going off.

The Prime Minister (irrespective of who that is), had to travel to a NATO Conference, then other commitments.

Slowly, but surely, electioneering will begin again leading up to the vote on 8th June. It must be done with sensitivity and in due respect to those, of all ages, who will be buried or cremated next week.

The people of Britain have had more than enough to contend with since the journey of the Brexit vote, all the countries of the UK union mooting (declaring) stronger ambitions to become independent.

Against all this backdrop, why does anyone wish to become or be re-elected Prime Minister?

When we choose whom we should be voting for (and many will not be voting at all), which factor is the most important – the Leader/Prime Minister, or the policies, as few people seem to have the option of a package deal within the one Party.

I have written about many of the Parties, and reported on their good points and the weak points passing on what I have heard ‘ordinary people’ discussing, and have included key factors relating to Party Leaders and individual policies they expound.

Brexit (former Leave voters), only have one option for whom to vote (which in itself is divisive and should have a secondary vote on the voting paper). Those who voted for Remain have many who accepted the outcome, but lots more who want to overturn democracy or have yet another type of mix and match with the EU also exist.

Northern Ireland is a special consideration as nobody wants to return to former days of a hard border and customs, so how will all those elements be factored in without causing resentment by others wishing to have ‘this or that’?

The family of the UK at best, is going through an estrangement, at worst, an inevitable divorce.

We, as a country, mourn along with the brave, courageous people of Manchester. God be with them all at this dreadful time of sorrow.

Having lived in that area myself years ago, I can vouch for the love they show to incomers to their community, and their resilience during times of adversity. They are ‘good people’.

Her Majesty The Queen, elderly herself now, joined the rest of the Nation in sorrow and honoured the dead and injured by visiting the hospital in Manchester today, for which she is to be commended. Though, as someone remarked, wonderful though it was, and her visit no doubt initiated a few moments of comfort to the injured, their families and friends, and the medical/hospital staff (who volunteered extra shifts to cope with the aftermath of the bombing), The Queen’s visit, sadly, will not bring back lost loved ones of so many, the victims of the terrorist attack.

Nevertheless, her visit made an invaluable statement of continuity that she was still a caring Monarch who showed empathy with her people during their extreme suffering.

Manchester United and City football teams have donated £1million towards a fund for the bereaved, injured and affected families of the bombing. Other donations added to that taking the total (mid-day at least) to £3 million but I am sure it will be more by now.

A minute’s silence was held Thursday at 11am, and in Central Manchester after the silence and prolonged clapping, a man shouted from the crowd ‘well done Manchester’.

Whilst we pray for so many as they bury their dead, innocent young children, young men and women, older people also, let us also pray for the United Kingdom. I love my Country that is Great Britain/United Kingdom, and if we ever needed Divine guidance to know the right Leader to elect, then it is now.






Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

Hazel Speed is a Philosopher, Writer, and Artist with various creative projects at differing stages of development. Her flaship project is an animation which has produced a film short: She has also written an E-novel, ‘Just Suppose…!‘ which is available via the attached link.

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