May 31, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Cristina de Middel



Hakeem Enesi Momoh



She Fell From The Sky



Your lips are succulent

the mice runs quickly, out of his hole

the window are the eyes of on-looker

so we wonder if your flowers are scent.


Your hips sway with the summer morning breeze

i guess i’ll have some pie to dine on

drink the orange juice, i’ll eat the rind

i pledge to empty my pocket on you.


Your shadow admires your curvaceous figure

looking for a shelter, to hide its frightening figure

to be quite succinct i found the cure

even at your worst

i’ll live by you grazing over grasses.






The Passer By



The passer-by just passed

our bubbles popped

a glance at her glittering gold – does the magic

we sit in the harsh winter wind, frostbitten yet, we watch.


In my past life i counted empty cans

the least contained ones,

made me spew my tongues out

my tongues, long, hard, longing to be sucked.







Hakeem Enesi Momoh

Hakeem Enesi Momoh is a 16 years old writer and poet. He is an avid reader and a wide thinker who hails from the Ebira speaking tribe of Kogi State, Nigeria. Wole Soyinka is one personality that inspires him.


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