Saheed Okunola Osupa: The unethical burden of Fuji music

June 6, 2017 Music , MUSIC/FILM/TV



Amore David Olamide


Saheed Akorede Osupa, Ori kan fìlá mefa; is that man with the thunderous silver-tongue and a bighead egomaniac! He’s kindly censorious in his foulmouthed manner and perhaps, industrious as a melodic troubadour of indigenous songs.

The bornstar offspring of Moshood Ajiwéré is no demurral to the transparency and transformation of the native Fuji. His axiomatic homespun Yoruba sayings blended into the boogie of customary songs is what confesses his notoriety among paramount luminists. Wherefore his plauditory might and resourcefulness and his symphonious voice has lined him to be the eloquent mouthpiece of Oluyolé.


Olufimo “the exclusive” is duteously an iconic archetype, rather in the classical sense or charitable excellence. His songs are definitive in Oyo, puissant in Ogun, dignified in Ondo and other States. To say more, he is bountifully enthroned with such copious wealth that pretentiously opens doors for the night pilferer.

This Ibadan born humongous, who counterclaims a kingship deference is surely a figurative badass and a dilemma to the ethics of Fuji music.

The “Kokoro alate” crooner whose songs have become current in such ambience of proclivity is a vagarious person or a werewolf discerning from his mouth-caused catastrophes.


His songs are deep, so to say his obscene words. This bloody hereditarian of Ibadan with razoring sharp-tongued and insulting conduct, is no friend to moralistic practice when words comes into foul-play.

Osupa to say, has the universe, yet has only himself to play with. He is endowed, but his lackadaisical luxury over cataclysm is such lugubrious tragedy that smirches the bond of his personality.


Momentarily, Saheed Ogbeni Osupa, his contumelious words, slanderous ethics and sarcastic instinct has been the burden culminating the advance of Fuji’s breakthrough.

His day to day fight with Oganla fuji Alabi Pasuma, who is not totally impeccable in behavioural circumstances, is calumnious enough to halt the musical growth.


Fuji music’s prestige could have become more decorated like the ennobled wonderment of “Dadakuada” during the 80s under the exploit of the authentic Batile Alake, the scrupulous Odolaye Aremu and other notable exponents. They were such a united group whose stand was never a distort in no spurious discern.

The unity inbetween made them stand in tantamount stead with the Apala, Awurebe and other conventional songs. And even more, their glow had no embroilment or controversy in the name of mediocre.

Granting all this, the conflictual adventure is a tragedy in bold. But the major traducing aspect of all is how his “ibadanish” words have profaned both the upcoming artists of such calibre and the elites.


He seems more comfortable with his precarious sayings, but his imperative claim of how someone devours with him some delightful wraps of Amala in his providential house is discourteous, sophomoric and credulous to his personality, and rather less complimentary.

I do urge someone to warn and admonish him that being insulting is not a beauty or competency, it is rather a childish and unsophisticated carriage that disregards the legacy of a gifted virtuoso like him.


Apart from being detractive he is that exclusive one that can transform the variety of Fuji music into prestigious song with perception, rhythmic sound and to a fundamental standard. He might have all the grace and those aesthetic treasures that entertain his teeming fans who can go lay down their precious lives for him. But the weight of his stony words flung against his colleagues is a burden to discern for sure.

If he proceeds by being verbal-injurious, Fuji music won’t supersede the range and province of those endemic herb sellers and the radius of those urchins blazing with hysterical weeds.





Amore David Olamide

Amore David Olamide,  is a revolutionary columnist and a poet that writes literally in parabolic style, orature genre and see scenes in epical dynamism of traditional epilogues, eulogies and captivating artistic poetry, in coded fashion.


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