Fiction: Two Edged Internet


Ryohei Hase



Nasreen Iqbal Kasana




Long ago, Ilahi created a beautiful mysterious land for the sake of unbeatable Ummah. Ilahi is a superpower who carved out the Ummatees with emotions and power. Ilahi created a three dimensional space for Ummatees so that they could grab their own space and time. Ummah was guarded by superpower under Ilahi’s guidance.


Cyberia, a world of digitalisation governed under the commands of Internet, was a migrant from hell who landed on Ilahi’s spot to seek revenge. So, he challenged Ilahi by dragging his creation’s intentions plus attention towards a newly manufactured two edged box. This world of Cyberia moved by machines, smokes, drugs and dead music was guarded under the guidance of Internet. Internet was a Demi God.

Once, four menbers left Ummah (the Ilahi’s land) and entered into the world of Cyberia.


Seelo, Geeni, Reeno and Kesha stepped inside the core of Cyberia. To them, it was a world of screens, large screens and small screens. Wherever they turned their eyeballs they heard tip tap sounds buzzing into their ears. They watched CYBERIANS busy into a screen world deprived of reality.


One day Seelo saw a Blue Chip, a hand screen easy to carry and handle. He informed his friends about this Blue Chip. All of them were excited to know about this Blue Chip.



Kesha: What is this BLUE CHIP?

Selo: It is a digital prop of CYBERIA, a small screen.

Geeni: Can we also step into the screens, if we buy this Blue Chip?

Selo: Definitely!

Reeno: How much does it cost?

Selo: Internet is selling Blue chip free of cost.

Geeni: waaaaow..Let’s explore this small screen.



Four of them headed towards Roxx Star corner to buy Blue Chips. All of them learned to operate its functions. Now they were also separate busy fellows. Their fingers were occupied with touch and dazzling sounds like Cyberians. They were trapped into partly good and partly bad chips but it was up to them to choose one aspect from it.


Seelo was the student of the tenth class. He picked up Googlia to get the whole summary of chapters he studied in class. Googlia spoiled his critical acumen but he was unaware of what was happening with his mental ability.


Kesha decided to use Blue Chip in a positive way. She developed the blog to write about some social issues so that she could bring a change in society.


Geeni destroyed her eyesight while playing a game.


Reeno was addicted to watching harmful sites. He suffered from a brain tumour.


A quarter of them lived up to their choices they made when they entered into Cyberia. Seelo, Geeni, Kesha and Reeno who were once too close to each other, the Blue Chip addiction dissociated their deep association which they realised after they encountered the harm they did to themselves by a negative attitude towards Blue Chip. Kesha was the only one who employed Blue Chip in the right direction.


On one pleasant evening in Cyberi, they get together for a supper.Conversation among them began at the dining table.



Seelo: These breads are too hard to eat.

Geeni: Everything is hard on Cyberia.

Kesha: (contemplating) That beautiful land of Ummah!

Reeno: I soak myself into evil deeds. Ohh! Evil’s invasion perish both the spirit and wisdom.

Seelo: (to Kesha) What do you think about Demi God Internet?

Kesha: Demi God Internet would be nothing if you would had not responded to his evil conjurings.

Seelo: You are right!

Geeni: And how that would be possible?

Seelo: The day we entered into this lust pit, we forgot about the powers given to us by ILAHI.

Reeno: Exactly!

Geeni: Alas! I lost my eyesight.

Seelo: Me, power to think.

Reeno: Tumour attacked me.



Have mercy on us ILAHI.

When Ummatees came to know about the two edged villain Internet victory, they requested Ilahi to seek revenge to which superpower Ilahi responded:


And in this way the self made God Internet won a small battle in the long war with Ilahi, the victory of good over evil.



There is still a big clash between UMMAH (COSMO WORLD) and CYBERIA (SCI WORLD). Still, Ummatees like Seelo, Geeni and Reeno portray Internet as a villain; beware of the villain inside themselves.

Internet conjures their spirit and destroys their worth and good spirits like Kesha manage to derive good out of bad.



……..It is a long war,

It is a field of honey traps,

Science and metaphysics overlap,

Sleeping spirits, the gift of INTERNET it is….









Nasreen Iqbal Kasana

Student at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Department Of Humanities and Social Sciences.


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