June 15, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


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Kayode Afolabi




No evil company



I am a friend of the gods

Gleaming white is my garment


Friend, tell me, what are the odds

Of getting palm oil polkas

If I did fiddle around

With one whose limbs are hidden

In giant egusi pots


I am a friend of the gods

Hallowed is my blunt iron


Friend, tell me, would you be awed

If the sacred iron thumps

Shattering bodies and souls

After an arsenal-spent night

Iron sharpeneth iron


I am a friend of the gods

I am a staunch nazarite


Friend, tell me, how rash it be

A-paddling by a dark pub

Where bald men get drenched in gin

Or a-loving a damsel

Whose loose mouth has a worn lock


I am a friend of the gods

I sidestep the ungodly




Egusi – Nigerian soup prepared with melon seeds and red palm oil






Horse in privation



This morning I saw a horse mouth-down ex-

ploring a rubbish dump and I remem-

bered the privation of my own people


Prices have climbed up our now crumbly necks

We are critically choked we contem-

plate bartering our babies for bags of rice


Lives lost daily and no one knows who’s next

To ebb away in these ethnic mayhems

And faith-based killings by our own brothers


We thirst for life. We thirst for peace. We thirst.

When shall this horse be led to the stream? Hem!

This horse needs the drink of democracy







Kayode Afolabi

Kayode Afolabi is a medical doctor from Ibadan, Nigeria. Kayode enjoys listening to, reading and writing poetry – some of his poems have been published on Kalahari review. He’s currently serving with the 146 Battalion of the Nigerian Army.


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