Brexit and the potential dire consequences for Mrs May

June 26, 2017 Europe , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS , UK

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Hazel Speed


It has been said that the UK is divided on three levels (at least) and that much is true.


1  Brexiteers and Remainers

2  Hard and Soft Brexiteers across all political Parties and the UK itself

3  The old and the young


Regardless of one’s own political stance and choices, the constituent countries of the UK must come together at this time, as all the ‘in-fighting’, and never ceasing endeavours to thwart Mrs May, merely brings the UK closer to civil unrest of some significance.

Such unrest feeds the political strategies of the whole of Europe and they want Britain to implode, which it is doing.

Mrs May has been told that she cannot be impartial regarding Northern Ireland if she relies on their political votes in Parliament, yet in contradiction, both the EU negotiators and many in the UK want the European Court of Justice to adjudicate even after we have left Europe.

In fact, the same people wish to retain so much of Europe that it is obvious they are merely seeking to overturn the Brexit Referendum vote.

Britain is made to look inept and if this were a real poker game then it would be a very good bluff strategy.

Not many voices seem to care about UK Citizens living in Europe, but keep clamouring only in respect of the rights of EU Citizens in the UK.

Mrs May has announced a generous offer (to be fully negotiated), and at first Angela Merkel seemed happy enough but since has obviously been influenced by others.

No outcry then, that there has not been a reciprocal offer from EU negotiators in respect of UK Citizens in Europe.

People in the UK (and Europe), have been told that negotiations will determine full details, there being about 3 million EU Citizens living in the UK also. There has even been an outcry because the Government referred to the term ‘legal’ immigrants.

This type of counter reaction against Mrs May’s efforts will just empower those who are anti-immigration – the UK, (especially England), does not have a limitless capacity and high street shops are mostly owned and run by non-indigenous people thus changing the character of Britain.

Having said that, Britain has always welcomed immigrants, but there comes a point where serious discussions and decisions are required.

Some commentators equate the situation for the Prime Minister as being that of a leader going into political battle, whilst carrying the discontents of the UK on her back.

She is doing so, regardless, in order to honour the outcome of the Brexit Referendum, and also because she is aware, more than the discontents, that if she does not, the consequences will be dire!





Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

Hazel Speed is a Philosopher, Writer, and Artist with various creative projects at differing stages of development. Her flaship project is an animation which has produced a film short: She has also written an E-novel, ‘Just Suppose…!‘ which is available via the attached link.

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