June 26, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Hartwig Kopp-Delaney



Kofi Acquah



One Thousand Mystics


Ten Eyes awake

quicker to what is arcane

800 ears bathe

bitter to what is mundane

Cocaine, Skin pain

are pain

when beckoned

to fire days


the dusk shed tears

She is a hate

For the earth

explodes into nudity


myth – mysteries

are empty in gold soil

intoxicated hearts

degraded. . .



are becoming servants

to the King


Every step of the soul

is a subject

Arts is a womb


…when not injected,

urns in the tomb. . .






Kofi Acquah

Kofi Acquah is a student and a writer (poet, author  novelist). One of his poems (Papyrus Underground) from his collection dubbed; SOUND OF THE TSETSE DRUM was shortlisted in the poetry category for the maiden edition of the Ghana Writers Awards, 2016. Kofi is also a certificate holder of the annual online American Poetry Marathon. Having received attention from the likes of Fifthwall Radio, Florida-USA, Tuck Magazine, Lunaris Review-Nigeria, Citi 97.3fm-Ghana, etc, he is also a co-author of “PALM LEAVES” (a poetry collection published by Forte Publishing in Thailand and Liberia). His active contributions to international anthologies including the ‘XXI World Literature Book-India, Voices of Humanity Vol.1-USA ,etc, has, thus, led to a wider recognition in his motherland and the world at large.


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