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Hazel Speed


Political enemies of the Prime Minister constantly tell her what she should think and do, then when she thinks the time is right and has the opportunity to facilitate a decision in the public’s interest or choice, she does, but even then she is given numerous reasons as to why her actions are wrong.

Arlene Foster, Leader of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), secured £1Bn for infrastructure, health, education and many more aspects for the benefit of all people in Northern Ireland.

Once again, there are those outraged and are saying it is no more than a bung or bribe so that the ten political votes they have in UK Parliament can ensure Mrs May’s Party has a majority to enable important Bills to get through the House under what is formally a ‘Confidence and Supply’.

Northern Ireland is of course part of the UK, and even Sinn Féin‘s Mr Adams agrees that the money will be welcome for the benefits for all the community of Northern Ireland depending on the terms for having the same – and he has plenty to say about that. No such thing as a free lunch?

A ‘Confidence and Supply’ facility is merely an informal agreement that when urgent Bills reach voting stages in UK Parliament, the DUP utilises its ten votes in support of Mrs May’s Government. Brexit and the (Great) Repeal Bill, transferring all relevant UK legal powers from the EU back under UK Sovereignty, plus domestic Bills of any magnitude but thereafter, each subject would be considered as separate entities during relevant times. Votes of Confidence, finance Bills would be assured, etc. The agreement would be reviewed after another two years or at the end of the Parliamentary term.

Northern Ireland is in a unique situation and it is hoped that the stalemate presently in existence at Stormont will now be sorted, as the offer of £1Bn is dependent on that fact.

EU representatives were invited a little while back to speak to the Irish Parliament and are going to be negotiating on Brexit issues with the UK Government, yet despite the fact Northern Ireland is part of the UK there are voices saying Mrs May is too partisan to be involved in any Brexit talks as they may relate to Northern Ireland now!

One Conservative MP stated today that in former years he has seen pleas for similar financial arrangements from those who are now condemning this one.

The difference with this Confidence and Supply Agreement is that it has its own retort to the Scots and the Welsh (Caveat being Ruth Davidson and other loyal Scottish Conservatives), in that the two other Constituent countries have not offered to support Mrs May in the same manner as the DUP, in fact, quite to the contrary, they vow to try and bring this Government down yet they still want more money from the Prime Minister.

They were given considerable money during Mrs May’s visits this year but now, with a touch of the green eye (in true Lucas style), they want the same amount as the DUP, i.e. any differential between what they were given earlier and what the DUP has secured now. This from two countries who tell the rest of Britain they want to be independent, yet want money from the rest of the UK as well.

‘Rock Star’ Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is still luxuriating from being adored and chanted at by those who gather at Glastonbury Rock Festival, and he declares that as soon he gets into power at No 10, he will scrap Trident.

One wonders if he will emulate the 60s, put a flower in his hair and declare ‘peace – and no University fees’ as everyone watches a foreign missile coming towards the UK.

He has the audacity to criticise Mrs May both before and after she has given full details of projected rights for EU Citizens living in the UK, post Brexit, if the agreement is reciprocal for UK Citizens living in Europe during Brexit negotiations.

EU Authorities collectively are playing games, Angela Merkel originally thinking Mrs May had made a good start, now others in her group feel it did not meet expectations. ‘Do they want jam on it?’ was one humorous reaction I have heard and it does seem apt. Others joke about putting the keys through the letterbox together with a note ‘keys herewith, good bye, UK.’

The arguments from Europe and those who thrive on stirring the pot in the UK about rights wanted in respect of EU immigrants (whether legally in the UK or not), will, pretty soon, only be happy if they actually have more rights than indigenous people.

One of our new Aircraft Carriers has been launched, a fine achievement – I wonder what ‘Rocker’ Corbyn will make of that when he scraps it – some say peace beads.

Mrs May should be congratulated for coping and achieving through all this, despite being badly advised in the General Election and at least now Pensioners can be reassured that the harsh proposed changes within social care plans and winter fuel allowances remain unaltered at this point in time, so the PM has conceded a lot.

It is funny, in a bleak way that the Scottish and Welsh now want more money, yet I do not recall hearing them say ‘thank you’ when Mrs May visited each of these Constituent countries (though Wales is a Principality), and gave considerable monies to them at that time.

Also, as England does not yet have its own Parliament, they did not receive a penny, but never moaned ‘we want the same’ – like a resentful sibling.

Northern Ireland requires a renewal of infrastructure and has unique needs especially in respect of Brexit talks in order to try and retain a soft border between the North and South. After all, it is the only area of direct contact where EU and UK Countries sit side by side.

Already the EU and Ireland have tried to encourage the North of Ireland to merge with the South and have a united Ireland – the EU confirming the North of Ireland would then immediately become EU Citizens, yet it is Mrs May being accused of being biased, despite the UK having every right to be associated over talks affecting one of its own constituent countries.

Imagine if Mrs May addressed the Leaders of the EU – the 27 Countries – and suggested they all disband the EU. Then they ask why the Brits want to leave Europe – they answer their own question; iron and clay are materials that will never bind.

Meanwhile, the Government are urgently dealing with various Councils throughout the UK requesting they expedite checks on all tower blocks and schools, in fact any public buildings where outside cladding may be substandard and at risk of catching fire in the same way as Grenfell Tower did. Funding for this work (testing and replacement materials, internal sprinkler systems to be installed, fire doors, etc) will be provided and testing centers have been instructed to work around the clock. Over 70 tower residencies have failed these tests so far in about 25 different Council areas throughout the UK.

For any Prime Minister to deal with all these issues, including the tragedies of those killed or injured following all the terrorist attacks that have taken place this year (and last year with the killing of MP Jo Cox), should in itself command support of all parties, though loyalty does not seem a virtue one can ascribe to those who are too busy plotting and scheming.

This is not the Britain many of us grew up in.

If only some broadcasters would stick to the tradition of letting a Prime Minister (and Mr Davis, Minister for Exiting Europe), get on with their Brexit talks, instead of replicating, and in some instances usurping, then pathologically analysing every little thing currently within active Brexit talks, thereafter putting a Devil’s Advocate spin on things, and if alternatively, they decided to show a united national support at this time, we may retain a sense of dignity, both for ourselves, and then when facing 27 European Union Countries.

So let us show the world ‘the grit of a true Brit’!






Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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