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Nome Emeka Patrick



You Should Know That



i’m thinking this is, at least, mystery:

when you whisper against the silence

stretched between us like distance

i felt it was fire–a clementine flame–

gently burning in your eyes like love


yet, love is like gifting birds to a forest

free with the arts of chirping and soaring


yours was a voice plucked from a tambourine

against one ear and expands echoes into the other.


i’m thinking love. thinking mysteries. thinking birds:

how these things define your presence with me


soon, the sun will be on its glowy wake

and we’d learn to speak the language of birds

learn the songs in the philosophy of love

and refine our hearts into a gold of mysteries







“let your ink be

barefoot, let it

dance” – Laura M. Kaminski & Saddiq Dzukogi


perhaps you wouldn’t sigh

just stare into the pages in your heart

and beak out testament

like eagles

remind us, dear poet

philosophies lost in the waves of dreams

angels with broken wings

radios rewinding sour songs

like centuries in a historical issue

you know, the world is sinking– you know?

row poet, row, row into the sea

the muse being your paddle

the pristine paper being the boat

and your lines being the trickles of sweat

down the brow of a boatman reaching for

a drowning boy

pull her– the world– to shore

watch her gasp revival

your pen, let it breathe.

deeply. slowly. gently.






Nome Emeka Patrick

Nome Emeka Patrick is a writer, poet and deep thinker. He’s crazy about women and children. He’s shy, but finds boldness in writing.


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