June 28, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Stela Xega



Age of innocence



I put my pen down

to smell her hair

against the dew,


wet and innocent

like she is,


soft and new

unlike the boy

whose metaphors

leak unkindly

from his bones,


words he

won’t learn the meaning of,


she is fresh

no sandals,

spread toes


the sun basks

to be in her shadow

stretching herself out

her curves the waves

of a new season


sometimes we see

the beauty in front of us,

nothing new to say

that ancient melodies

have not already.





It Is Okay



it is okay

to be silent

and not know

the whole of it

all at once



to be halfway

the whole of the time


infinity stretches

you are always running

trying to catch the loop

of the universe

you will circle yourself

many times

only to be welcomed back

by a new face in the mirror

a new layer of skin


I am halfway


everything is nothing with a twist.






Stela Xega

Stela Xega is a currently a freelancer full of passions. She studies Finance at UT. She is a poet and has attended some art courses and worked in many theatres. She translates from Albanian to English or from English to Albania, or even Italian/French to English and vice versa. She has a passion for art and organizes some poem nights where people discuss books in general. She is a blogger; she sings and plays drums and guitar. She was interested in art since little and now has her own expo of her paintings one a month in several art galleries in Albania.


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