Ireland to now consider leaving the EU?

July 7, 2017 Europe , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS

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Just when one thinks they have heard everything relating to Brexit, a Report from Policy Exchange Think Tank, written by Ray Bassett, former Ambassador to Canada, is stating that Ireland needs to consider leaving the EU post Brexit.

Now there’s a thought as it would solve EU related issues.

The Report argues that ‘allowing the EU to negotiate on behalf of Ireland as one of the remaining 27 EU Member States is untenable since Ireland is the country most politically and economically exposed to Britain’ – a point I made myself in past articles when an EU Representative visited Ireland and spoke in their Parliament, yet  it was considered by many that Mrs May, as British Prime Minister would be inappropriate to intermediate regarding affairs relating to Northern Ireland despite it being part of the United Kingdom before the EU was even conceived as an idea.

Ireland should leave the EU ‘in order to retain a close relationship with the UK’ the Report/Statement continued.

I am sure, however, this would be rejected out of hand by Ireland, but it is just as much a valid argument as the ones previously hurled at Northern Ireland to join the rest of Ireland, with the allurement provided by EU representatives to then come under the membership of the EU as one Country of Ireland.

Neither will be occurring until the demographic takes the issue into new areas in future decades.





Hazel Speed

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