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Hazel Speed


Mrs May’s Conservative Government could be facing yet another legal challenge in the Courts from the same legal team as before, but initiated this time by Ciaran McClean, who only achieved 427 votes, apparently, for the Green Party – West Tyrone – in the recent General Election. See how ludicrous British Law can be.

Thanks to the facility of crowd funding (which many people do not think should be permitted to have any role in politics, and bearing in mind allegations of fraud connected therefrom are being claimed), the legal claim against the UK Government will be in respect of two issues:


Bribery regarding payments being made to the DUP


Breach of the Good Friday Agreement


What annoys many people, understandably so, is when we all know of those who cannot achieve Justice in ordinary, yet important matters of their everyday lives, but here is a claim against the Government, no less, which is obviously transparent in its motives, i.e. to bring the Government down, force another General Election and possibly re-run of Brexit Referendum until we please the Remoaners.

Let us consider the claims, however, and give them a fair ‘hearing’ herein.


Dirty Hands.

That is a term used when an individual or group of people take something to Court (or defend a charge), despite them not having clean hands.

In its usual point of reference it might be if a dodgy salesman knowingly sells a faulty car (or good car at an extortionate price), then later takes the buyer to Court for failing to keep their side of any payment agreement.

We can think of countless similes.


Added to the Dirty Hands charge should that not quite fit the bill, are two stances in Law that would most certainly be appropriate.


Mens Rea – innocent/pureness of mind (or otherwise), in a matter or issue

Actus Reus – action proving the opposite of innocence or confirming it.


We may walk through a ticket barrier and show a season ticket to a guard (or if one is not on duty, and crowds are being let through the gate without need to show ticket or pass), and we may not realise until later in the day, or even just moments after we get to the other side of ticket barrier and glance at the ticket, then notice that it had expired and was out of date.

One may be charged extra if a guard or inspector is approached, but at the point of walking through, the innocent person has the ‘pure mens rea’ of thought and genuinely believed that they had a valid ticket.

For those who knew their ticket was invalid and took a chance they would not be caught, then their mindset is that of a guilty person, ‘actus reus’ in that they took the actions of someone breaking the law knowingly.

Continuing then with this charge against the Government, the Mens Rea of Ciaran McClean (who could only facilitate such legal action via crowd funding), is one of grievance and by association, in theory, he relied on others who are politically discontented to be his allies, so could themselves be liable to a counter claim based on the above factors.


That said, let us now address the substance of the two claims.


Bribery by the Government paying money to DUP for infrastructure development, hospitals, etc, etc, whilst in return, the DUP has supported the Government regarding some important votes in Parliament.

First of all, during the General Election, Mrs May visited all the Constituent Countries of the United Kingdom and it was announced that monies were given to Scotland and Wales also. Where were the charges of Bribery then? In fact, if any Country should feel slighted it could be England, who do not have their own devolved Country or Parliament – yet. Presently, they just come under the umbrella of the United Kingdom

We must deduce, therefore, this legal action being initiated by Ciaran McClean is only concerned that the DUP are supporting the Government (which, incidentally, could have been the case without the Government’s contribution to Northern Ireland).

The Conservatives did win the General Election, albeit losing seats in Parliament, whereas Mr McClean lost his seat having attracted only 400 votes, not majority of millions giving him any mandate at all.

Sinn Fein, apparently, choose not to take up their Parliamentary Seats in Westminster, so Northern Ireland’s representation in the House of Commons lacks their presence, despite the Government’s monies to Northern Ireland being (and acknowledged) as to benefit all in Northern Ireland.

A Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has the Prerogative and Executive Power to approach any Party or Parties to form an alliance for the purpose of assisting in the passing of Bills in Parliament.

The Scottish want independence (at least one person always tells us she does), and have declared, as have others, that their aim is to thwart the Government and/or Brexit at every opportunity to overturn a democratic vote which does not suit their preference.

It was natural, therefore, that the Government would approach a staunch ally, such as the DUP.

If Mr McClean feels that monies given to Northern Ireland was an illegal act or bribe, then some are saying ‘why does he not get online voters to start a campaign for it to be returned, or  would that not be appreciated by the people of Northern Ireland whose lives will be greatly benefitted by it. After all, if he considers it to be ‘tainted money’, then if he is an honest/’mens rea man’, he should not touch it.

Even Mr Adams has expressed how the monies will benefit Northern Ireland, though conveyed his worries about impartiality re the Good Friday Agreement, which we will consider in a moment.

One last comment about the accusation of Bribery, is Mr McClean going to make a similar legal claim against Jeremy Corbyn for offering to pay off all student university/college debts when he gets into power? If not, why not?

That is more in the realm of bribery to selected people, whereas monies given to Northern Ireland was to benefit all collective peoples.

Jeremy Corbyn was targeting an obvious ‘fan base’ who vote for him online – a pity the elderly sick and disabled are not so computer literate.

It is about time democratic voting became more democratic again.


So let us look at the second legal charge Mr McClean is making against the Government.

That they historically, under the inherited Good Friday Agreement, ‘undertook to exercise its power in Northern Ireland with rigorous impartiality on behalf of all the people in the diversity of their identities and traditions’.

How then, given what has already been said, can the claim be made against the Government in respect of a possible breach thereto?

As we know, talks have been going on extensively with the endeavour to reinstate all of Northern Ireland’s Political Parties within Stormont. Deadlines have been continually extended precluding the need for power to revert to being under the direct control of Westminster. So that is a sign of ‘rigorous impartiality’.

From what has been inferred to the public, it seems one difficult aspect has been that Sinn Feinn requires the tradition of the usage of the Irish language yet is against the same facility for Scottish Gaelic, despite historically, it is well known that Scots have emigrated to Northern Ireland. So much for ‘all the peoples and their identities’ and that is not a breach of the UK Government.

Mr Barnier visited the Irish Parliament with a lure for those in Northern Ireland to join the whole of Ireland and be one Country under the EU and would then become EU Citizens immediately.

That, some said at the time, was sedition, others are saying all the present and ongoing challenges to what was a legal democratic vote in respect both of Brexit and then the result of the recent General Election, is nothing more than Treason against the State and its people.

It is just as well, then, that those who have said they will be voting against the (Great) Repeal Bill, transferring UK Laws back to Parliamentary Sovereignty, do not live in the times to which such bill alludes!


Definition of Treason:

Betrayal of one’s Sovereign or Country, especially by trying to overthrow the Government.

Any treachery or betrayal


Regarding The Government having a Confidence and Supply facility with the DUP, Mrs May, as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and/or her Authorised representatives, such as the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (James Brokenshire), has the function of plenipotentiary – (usually of a diplomat), invested with full authority to transact business.






Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

Hazel Speed is a Philosopher, Writer, and Artist with various creative projects at differing stages of development. Her flaship project is an animation which has produced a film short: www.thepinkprofessor.com. She has also written an E-novel, ‘Just Suppose…!‘ which is available via the attached link.

Art sites: www.candystoreart.comwww.terrificart.comwww.artbadges.co.uk


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