LGBT and the battle of sexuality within the human gender


Ogunniyi Abayomi


Tina has a straight body and cracked voice, she observes her monthly period yet does not acknowledge being a woman, rather she indulges in the wishful thought of being a man.

A curved body shape, soft body and voice is the physiological description of Olu, a man in the body and attitude of a woman. Olu is seen across the street, catwalking, wishing for the stimulating and alluring tone of a lady.

His face is beautifully mashed with powders, make up utensils along with lipstick to ensure his feminine identity was firm.

Tina was accepted and treated kindly inspite of the masculine trait as a female gender. Olu was appointed a detective at London’s Scotland Yard inspite of the feminine trait as a masculine gender.

Audu is an indigene of Sokoto, a Muslim like the son of a renowned Imam across the Caliphate. Audu was gay deriving pleasure with the male gender rather than his female counterpart. Audu discloses thus with his father Shehu who handed him to the authorities for a probe and disciplinary action according to Sharia law.

He was charged with immoral conduct against Sharia law and the punishment was heavy. Being aware of this, Audu escaped from Sokoto to settle down in Lagos where there are no traces of friends or relatives.

Audu was employed as a gatekeeper for Mr Benson, a bussinessman. He chased Audu out at dawn when it was discovered he was gay while on duty.

Audu, the homeless youth, approached Ekene across the street of Yaba, Lagos. Ekene, discovering that he was gay, beat him to pulp along with his gang of hood boys chasing him out of the community. Audu met Bassey at dawn while he escaped from the vicinity ensuring Audu left Nigeria when the Federal Government imposed a 14 year jail sentence towards anyone caught in the act

Tina is an orphan, she was forcefully lured by her uncle to lay between skin for pleasure, a stigma that stirred up her hatred towards men.

Nkechi is a first class graduate of the University of Ibadan, the brilliant scholar threatened by her manager for refusing his proposal to marry him after 4 children.

These are summaries of our encounter in the society that thrives in hatred, greed, strife and indiscrimination towards gender and physiological structure.

We are only happy to see an Ayo or Tolu, likewise Audu died in the realm of depression when society rejects them because of their identity on the platform of outdated culture and values, rather we  prefer the violent approach.

Africa has built its society around power and dominance therefore we misconstrue a concept or notion as culture therefore our acts tends to be inhumane in regards to sensitive cases of this calibre.

Emeka thinks his wife is an inferior being therefore she has nothing to offer than good sexual and home service. If Germans and the United Kingdom had dwelt on this thought there would be no Theresa May nor Angela Merkel in the corridors of power largely dominated by men, yet we continue to treat them to their own distaste.

Everybody deserves a breath in respect of its gender, individuals are depressed when stigmatised. No rights, no benefits, no advocacy to help them out of their condition, rather we torture till they are wasted.

The understanding and appreciation of human lives should not be based on wasting lives for moral edification, we are not pleasing anyone if we decide to kill our people with our bare hands because of his sexual urge towards the same gender.

Treat all equally, think of helping rather than watching them die; let’s restore some hope.






Ogunniyi Abayomi

Ogunniyi Abayomi was born July 11, 1991 in the city of Lagos, where he resides. A poet and essayist whose works have been published in various journals.


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