Brexit: The Great Repeal Bill is published

July 13, 2017 Europe , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS , UK

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Hazel Speed


Everyone should ‘buckle up’ as the Great Repeal Bill is to be published and already, Tim Farron of the Liberal Democrats has promised the Government hell, “he has always been so mature,” those who disagree with him saying.

The Labour Opposition will only pass this Bill in Parliament if considerable amendments are in place to protect worker rights achieved whilst in the EU (just one example).

The Bill will be discussed in full in the Autumn, but this is merely to enact the transfer of all UK rights from the EU back under the control of British Sovereignty.

There is plenty time in the future to debate and adjust all that lies therein, according to UK Laws, but the transfer has to be initiated now in readiness for when Britain actually does turn the key of the EU front, or back door.

This is a major moment for Brexiteers, and sets a different mood within negotiations (not an appropriate term for such, looking at EU diktats aimed at the UK), as we are packing our metaphorical suitcase, at last.

Isn’t it ‘wonderful’, it is being said in cynical tones, that Britain, as a country, cannot even come together over this Parliamentary Bill!

David Davis, Minister for Exiting Europe, and the Prime Minister, Mrs May, have to theoretically walk in military combat formation – one facing the EU enemy and the other looking backwards for metaphorical and political knives aimed at their backs from domestic ones!

Thank God that the DUP will be voting along with the Government on this Bill, and shame on those who want to scupper, yet again, another step in the Brexit procedure.

I recall once over, when ‘being British’ meant that one could rely on Parliament standing together, and the political Parties therein, to support the Government of the day when it came to National interests overseas, but now, well, such loyalty is a thing of the past, each Party being divided even amongst themselves, going against their own official whips and Party Leaders in tantrum style, only to be subsequently chastised and replaced.

The Labour front bench has been almost on a perpetual treadmill in recent times – no wonder one woman Front Bencher, Emily Thornberry, was boasting in Parliament yesterday, during Prime Minister’s Questions, that there had been three female Ministers in one capacity in a very short period of time, (in an effort to try and taunt the Government Front Bench, led by Damian Green who had just been saying his Party encouraged their female MPs to become Prime Ministers). I was disappointed that he did not respond to her jibe by saying about frequent changes to Labour front benches regarding regular appointments of women in one Ministerial role, ‘and whose fault was that?’ as the changes and promotions were the result of musical (vacant then replaced) chairs by those who rebelled against Mr Corbyn, were dismissed then replaced ad infinitum.

Both the Prime Minister and Mr Corbyn were not present in Parliament yesterday – the Spanish State Visit was taking place.

Reverting to The (Great) Repeal Bill, the very ones who moaned that the UK Parliament should have supremacy in these things, devalues both the Great Repeal Bill when it actually is before the House, (as they vote against it), but more importantly, they also devalue and discredit themselves as Members of Parliament.

It is a great day, however, for all those of every political Party who did vote in the Brexit Referendum to Leave Europe, once the UK has its own laws back under British Parliamentary Sovereignty again!




Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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