July 19, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Tanja Heffner



Katie Lewington






hair in my eyes

making them water

waiting for a bus

and a text of confirmation

cars glide past

i have my back to them

waiting at the bus

what little shelter this provides


small red spider crawls on my jacket lapel

i brush it off.




Sunday morning



with the radiators on

burning my knees as i push forward

to lean up and open the window above me


stroking the faux fur of my phone case

don’t you hate that


i’m anxious and hungry

silly for feeling so


there’s a thick rug of mould across

my orange

i won’t be eating that


still in date though.





Katie Lewington

Katie Lewington wrote her first poem aged 16. Even though, after analysing a poem for her hellish English GCSE, she vowed she would have nothing more to do with poetry. She has now published a number of books on Amazon.com and Payhip.com. Her creative writing, and reviews, can be read at https://katiecreativewriterblog.wordpress.com


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