Resiliency and emotional stamina – outcomes from yesteryear’s paradigms

July 24, 2017 Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , OTHER

Priscilla Du Preez



Trish Wootten


Within the context of our spiritual growth, there exists huge value in the process of brokenness.  Hence, we are urged and encouraged to appreciate and celebrate falling down so we may renew and rebuild into stronger, more resilient and sensitive beings of greater emotional maturation and wisdom.

It’s become so common in today’s world to lament and anguish over the least calamity facing any one of us, and a reaction loaning to our increased spiritual dehydration. Sages across millennia advocate continuously for us all to heed this innate tendency and instead, pursue its underlying life lesson and purpose for manifestation. After all, our most needed attributes of spiritual cognizance do not arrive easily or without a filibuster of robust countenance. This too becomes a lesson in action we ought to recognize and nurture, if only we would opt to heed its call.

Yes, when we falter or are re-routed onto unanticipated paths, it’s easy to feel frustrated or even limited by these temporary setbacks. Instead, these opportunities are beautifully gifted to provide insight or options lesser realized in a more blissful state. Here too, as we repair and resurrect ourselves from any calamity, this is more advantageously achieved through retreat and revisiting the soul’s needs by listening intently to that voice within. Our answers remain soul deep and are as accessible to us as we remain to ourselves. Sometimes, we are less prone to hearing that voice solely due to the endless commotion so commonly found within our modern day environmental stimuli. Where indeed might we regurgitate and diffuse these so as to strengthen those soul messages reigning and resonating our life’s purpose and mission?

First and foremost, we must learn to become comfortable with not only silence but sitting still. This does not per se require that our bodies be completely immobile. Yet, it does instead urge us to leave the demands of our day and focus solely upon the wonder and joy of being alive. How often we revisit and inspire such simple wonder indeed fosters and nurtures not only our own inner voice but our ultimate kinship and connection with Mother Nature Herself and that efficacy intended for our existence. Why indeed do we reside upon this plane if only to rush through each day with an ongoing list of concerns? Where have we allowed our simple childlike pleasures and entertainments to be celebrated?

Once we forgo play and the simple art of mischievous delight, we bypass altogether those moments of substance cultivating and redefining our emotions, responses to one another and ultimately, a more enhanced response towards life events, emotions and outcomes. To arrive at another plateau year after year without even slight maturation seems disinterested at the very least. If we’ve only resorted to this state of being by chance, we are now invited to reconsider, redress and assess ways in which we might redefine our own lives with hopes of greater longevity and a more salient and authentic response.

Mother Nature remains the lone source and vehicle by which our inner beings can illuminate and extricate that which defines and magnifies our ultimate being and purpose. This simple yet profound wisdom has been celebrated since the beginning of time and recognized throughout our migratory journey around the globe. The pinnacle of this is illustrated in science and those life giving forces enabling existence upon this plane and throughout our galaxy. Without oxygen, our trees cannot remain erect and bring life to each one of us. Without vegetation, living beings become unable to sustain ourselves with appropriate energy.

Life cycles demand the proper respect and efficacy in order to both, nurture other living kingdoms while simultaneously completing their intended life cycle in order to facilitate growth and ecological sustainability for the greater whole. When one system or kingdom flounders so too will all others cease to thrive and flourish. If the breakdown of any component continues unabated, this inevitably leads to the ultimate decay and destruction of every life force in existence. Turbulence is the ultimate reaction and purging of a foundation gone awry, her final battle cry wailing to be heard and respected where and when none is offered. Here too, we become the naysayers and advocates capable of dismantling such havoc assuming we adopt more mindful lifestyle practices and modes of intention.

In essence, our deliberations and determined responses are all cultivated by those inner voices we opt to nurture. It’s imperative and vital that we tap into our inherent energetic stamina so as to more capably and culpably erect and reconstruct those less evolved paradigms whose shaky foundations demand new fertilizer and resodding. Our Native American brethren taught us many centuries ago about the significance of burning the land so it too may heal from years of agricultural breeding. As in all things, when we celebrate and invigorate those life forces gifted us, we are granted unimaginable abundance of harvests, resources and vitally, our very own spiritual actualization. Indeed, when might we opt for that which appears deceptively simple but requires in reality lifelong nurturing?





c.Mike Pablo

Trish Wootten

Patricia ‘Trish’ has been published in print and online media. She regularly contributes esoteric writing to laJoie Magazine. Scholastic pursuits in energy and integrative medicine complimenting her health coaching are anticipated. Patricia is a marketing and fundraising consultant, and she performs editorial and manuscript coordination for the Pen Women Press.


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