July 25, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Lenny Miles



Oshogbemi A E Peter






The infinite black sprawled


if it blank they fill like crowd.


I saw king among all,

such a never from the desert.


I saw YORUBA booming agbada

to stay for the call.

a king shall stand for the future.

Its bing bang the barren say.

We vividly to kiln the riot.

They are come to be kiss like the




The middle peace of Nigeria.

The maker and dresser of culture

no bird like the peacock.


Ile Abinibi.

My dearest when the darkness


flowing with milk and all.


Let the mountain still for the ape

to win,

the land of the Àkànbí.

Let moon spread on plain,

awon omode fe sere ale


ipele o dede omo Oodua!






Oshogbemi A E Peter

I am African poet Oshogbemi A E Peter aka spiritualpen. I am a songwriter, also RnB singer, a poet who is religious activist who wrote a poem ‘RACISM’ to stand against conflict and war among authors.


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