The Three Brexit Musketeers fly the flag overseas

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Hazel Speed


Brexiteers, Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox, are all working to promote the cause of Brexit worldwide, whilst others (Remoaners), just stay in the UK and bemoan inactivity, yet they spend plenty of energy trying to undermine the efforts of Government Ministers, with jibes and their own self-defeating remarks.

It is reminiscent of anecdotes from history, and facts (even within the vintage TV series of Robin Hood), when King Richard the Lionheart was leading his Crusade of Knights abroad, the less honourable brother, Prince John was trying to usurp his brother’s throne, at home in England, in the King’s absence.

Perhaps, as some are remarking, it is timely to try and ensure that a stop to the mutterings and rumour mongering, not to mention usurping of the Prime Minister’s Lancaster House Speech, are halted by some true statements by Mrs May herself, as many are disbelieving that Mr Gove is a true and sole spokesman, or perhaps he is a straw man, whether he himself realises it or not, yet.


For the Brexiteer voter it is common to hear ‘So what if companies threaten to move offices out of the UK?’ – just go. Mrs May must stick to her Lancaster House Speech or there will be true anarchy in Britain.

I must say, what is intriguing is the fact that on the one hand, the electorate is told they did not know what they were voting for then and ‘Brexit Means Brexit’ is beyond anyone’s comprehension adding ‘so what does it mean?’

Firstly, I would be embarrassed to admit I did not understand that, but of course everyone does understand all too well (if they are not put under the category of being stupid by the Remoaners). Let us see if this makes things easier.


The term Brexit stands for Britain is exiting Europe. Therefore what is it they do not understand, or is it more the case to say that the truth of the matter is that they do not ‘like’ but understand the term all too well.

The same people probably say to their children when they have told them they have eaten enough sweets for one day, and phrase their refusal for pleas of more, as ‘no means no’. If their children retorted with ‘what does no means no mean?’ they would be told ‘you know very well what it means so don’t try and be smart.’


The other evening I heard a political radio debate which featured one MP who is a true and obvious schemer. During their remarks, the person used a phrase which caused someone else to ask what it meant. One could tell by the speed of clarification that the originator of the remark were themselves hoping nobody present would draw the obvious comparison with ‘Brexit Means Brexit’ in similar regard, as to comprehension of a new term within their discussion, (regardless of it being a different topic). A Leaver was present but missed the opportunity to challenge. Such a pity as the person who expressed the term has always been the one goading the other ‘what does Brexit means Brexit mean?’

Unlike ‘Brexit means Brexit’, the term being used was not even a tautology, but the MP in question quickly said it means…etc, then moved on.

What if voters could retort that they did not understand what their remark meant? To be honest, it was not a slick interpretation or metaphor for the original term they had used. I am not even sure they gave an accurate translation either.


We cannot expect a grown up response to Brexit, as a further fact which emerged, is of a group boasting membership online of all the significant Remoaners who should have a voice also.

Playground ‘mardy’ as the term goes. Historically, even if only a tiny majority, elections are elections (hope that phrase is understood or is it too much like Brexit means Brexit (grin)), and the majority winning votes collectively of, and throughout all constituent countries of the UK win, with no second place prizes.

I could not relay exactly, word for word, what others do tell me, for many obvious reasons, but basically they are saying ‘Remoaners should get over it and grow up.’

If, as was previously the case, everyone backed the outcome of a general election (whether they won or lost in respect of what they voted for), then Brexit would have been facilitated by having a strong united Country, both in current negotiations with the EU and after leaving Europe, going forward together, as before 1972.

The stance of Remoaners, reacting unprofessionally, may work against the usurpers, as Europe’s demands might be such that our Government will be even more facilitated to walk away sooner, rather than later.

There have been no complaints from those who voted Leave that they did not understand, nor did not back Mrs May’s Brexit Speech. The same goes for their Leave vote in the Referendum itself.


It is about time that the Leave voters of the UK (which includes some businesses therein by the way), are being referred to rather than giving so much excessive media time to disgruntled, politicians and businesses.

Meanwhile the Three Brexiteers should be praised, but do not wait too long before returning to the UK, (Mr Davis’ negotiations with the EU permitting), and then to issue statements in support of the Prime Minister’s Lancaster House Speech, as we have countless Prince Johns doing damage in absence of democracy, and Justice, as per the value of each person’s individual legal Referendum vote.

Perhaps some perpetrators and/or their attempts to overtake democracy should be taken to the Supreme Court – Ms Miller style, as she wanted Parliament to have more of a say, they did, yet political highway robbers still abound – and this in the land of the Mother of all Parliaments too. Then again it is also the home of a historic Earl of Loxley, the Bête noire of Prince John.





Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

Hazel Speed is a Philosopher, Writer, and Artist with various creative projects at differing stages of development. Her flaship project is an animation which has produced a film short: She has also written an E-novel, ‘Just Suppose…!‘ which is available via the attached link.

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