Sleep Paralysis, ESP and Out of Body Experiences

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Hazel Speed


Ironically, I happened to have an intriguing discussion recently with someone regarding various things that generally might come under the heading of things which go bump in the night.

Philosophical discussions, on any issues, are ones I find most fascinating. Throughout my own life, I have met people who relayed various inexplicable events, which I believed to be truthful, having known the person well. I myself have experienced bizarre events, but earnestly believe there are many things of which we still know little about.


Centuries ago, people (especially women), would more than likely lose their lives via the ducking stool over a local pond, having been declared as a witch possessed of the devil himself, if they could see things, predict events or tell fortunes.

We now mostly, at least, accept some people are psychic, (leaving aside many fraudsters). There are those who are lucid dreamers (the ability to control one’s dreams and meet with others in the same dream at a specific time), and a number of people who have had near death experiences, and return to full health, often with complete memory of events prior, in that other temporary place, some who then discover a new ability to help others, with access to knowledge they can draw upon from whom they credit as being God.


ESP – a type of mental link between one or more people is quite common, and we all would recognise Zen Cards – three wavy lines, circle, square, star, cross.

One person faces another and holds up a card (the back of the card facing the other person), and then thought alone can, between these people, convey the design on the card being held up from the pack, i.e. three wavy lines. The message sender asks the thought receiver which card is being held up.


Now many people will instantly dismiss these things as rubbish. They say that only because such things have not (perhaps yet), come their way. Psychiatrists are the worst in this regard, as they often try and debunk such things without reason, ironically.

If one sees a ghost, then they become an instant believer – whether it is a historical imprint they view of some human being who once lived, or a ghost, as in a spiritual being.


Sleep paralysis is intriguing to study, albeit apparently terrifying to experience. Premonitions are bad enough, mostly because they herald a warning, to prepare a person as to what is due to occur quite soon.

We have all heard accounts of someone stating they were being pushed back down by a large hand to their body, as if their time to die had not arrived, often attributing the hand to be that of Christ Himself.

Out of body experiences themselves can either be terrifying, or fascinating, to look down and view one’s own body.

Scientific tests have proved that people who claim to have left their bodies (perhaps during a heart attack or injury and also sleep), can confirm conversations between medics and quote what may have been written on a piece of paper left on the top of a wardrobe or cupboard, specifically to try and confirm out of body experiences. Intriguingly, as of yet, no photographic evidence exists, but I think that is more to do with future technology being required, rather than anything else.


Deep eye viewing in a mirror, without moving or talking, can draw a viewer inwards, and they often see themselves portrayed as older or younger than they are – then skipping through the years like a mini movie. A few people are nervous of that feeling, fearing they may not return to their actual selves.

Sleep paralysis explanations do not wipe away how people hear another person breathing and feel their breath, nor the paralysis itself.

Then, of course, especially in America, there are a significant number of people who are most definite that they were taken to a visiting space ship flown by aliens, then their victims are tested and probed then returned.


We are only just really starting to study space and planets in-depth as science progresses, and if the reader thinks any of the above article is referring to the ridiculous, it is sobering to remember a couple of things.


  1. Certain astronauts have reputedly said to a special few people in confidence, and off the record, that they saw strange or worrying things when in space (at least in the early years).


  1. Everyone within the field of sciences is searching for dark matter, yet when asked what it is, the reply given admits, we don’t know, nor even know that it exists, but we just look for it in case it does, so must call it something as a point of reference.


  1. The unexplored seas and lakes appeal to some people more than space. Who knows what secrets and truths would be discovered therein. We have already seen documentaries of new (to us), fish and shell creatures when deep sea filming, down to incredible depths, having been possible in recent years.



My own e-novel is about lucid dreaming, and scientific researchers kindly wrote the Foreword for me, also a famous Author permitted my references to quote a few key extracts from her near death best-selling book. Quite an honour.

It is a genre of literary fiction and if anyone wishes to read a sample chapter, then it can be found here. There is a free synopsis and a review.


Before ending this article remember, there are more things in Heaven and Earth Horatio, than are ever dreamt of in your philosophy.

In modern parlance, keep an open mind on all these issues, as I have no doubt many of us may already have had unusual events occur, or will at some stage.






Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

Hazel Speed is a Philosopher, Writer, and Artist with various creative projects at differing stages of development. Her flaship project is an animation which has produced a film short: She has also written an E-novel, ‘Just Suppose…!‘ which is available via the attached link.

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