The ECJ’s aspirations will be unfulfilled

August 3, 2017 Europe , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS , UK

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Conservative MP Jacob-Rees Mogg, well known for his knowledge in Constitutional matters, has been speaking about the fact of the matter relating to what will be the redundancy of the existing European Court of Justice (ECJ) on day one after Britain leaves Europe.

The full outline of his remarks is both edifying and legally makes pragmatic sense. Many who voted Leave will no doubt put their take on things similarly.

As Parliament has voted for Sovereignty to return back to the British Parliament once Britain has formally left Europe, then it stands to reason the ECJ will be irrelevant and have no legal jurisdiction anywhere within the UK, or its Dependancies.

The Supreme Court in London had determined as much, so any potential disapproval from Remain voters will be no more than a moot point in further delaying tactics, whilst they continue to try and overturn democracy.

If the current negotiations between David Davis, Minister for Exiting Europe, and his counterpart representing the EU, Michel Barnier, are unable to get past this point then so be it, and the average Brexiteer will be more than happy to advise Mr Davis to just walk away. After all, it was the EU who insisted what should be discussed, in what order (‘Successfully to their satisfaction therein’), what monies they consider are to be paid, and that Britain should remain the supplicant of the ECJ, all this, and more, before other items are discussed; and the Irish/Northern Irish Border issues (rights of EU Citizens living in UK – and UK Citizens living in Europe), also subsumed in Part 1, infers Mr Barnier & Co (27 EU Countries inclusively), want jam on everything, though their intransigence may soon find them in a jam, as Britain IS prepared to walk away, to trade with the rest of the world (who are lining up to arrange deals with the UK), and 52 ‘not insignificant’ Commonwealth Countries.

There are spurious comments emerging, being ascribed to Mr Davis, as to how the Prime Minister is limiting his talks with red lines. Such claims may either be untrue or a helpful ploy in negotiations, still, politics gets to town more successfully via country lanes than it ever does on an autobahn.

It was reassuring recently to learn that the Prime Minister’s Lancaster House Speech remains in regard of promises therein.

For those who are boasting that during the next Parliament after the summer recess, they will hinder and impede the (Great) Repeal Bill, which transfers, collectively, all UK Laws back under the Sovereignty of Parliament, then they will be solely responsible for going against the democratic will of the people, whose majority vote won the Referendum to Leave Europe, and which will then also give Mr Davis the green light to leave (!), or abandon negotiations with the EU, following which, the people of the UK just have to wait until the day arrives for Brexit to become a legality, then by default, Sovereignty of UK Laws reverts to Britain without hindrance.





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