August 3, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Douglas Patterson



Due Tomorrow



A trio of wood-carved giraffes

observe a map of muddy prints

across the front yard.

Jane Eyre sits beside an

empty Chipotle cup on a

smudged glass desk.

On a muted television,

flashing ads blister retinas.

Hunched on a stained blue chair,

the aardvark continues typing.





One Night Stand



The night Loneliness came

and wrapped her gnarled hand

around your throat.

I lit a fire and we sipped merlot.

I spoke as softly as footsteps

in virgin snow,

then howled like an arctic wolf –


It was my pleasure to drag my lips

across acres of your flesh –

until your iPhone vibrated.

You zipped your Levis and

went as quickly as you came,

leaving me with


but ashes, bitter grapes,

and Loneliness crushing me

with her gnarled hand.






Douglas Patterson

Douglas Patterson is a student at Northern Kentucky University, currently pursuing his BFA degree in Visual Communication Design and minoring in Creative Writing. In his free time, Doug enjoys being creative, spending time with family, and playing copious amounts of Pokemon Go! long after it has lost its mass appeal.

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