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Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel



Aging Grace



Let us, this moment, together,

Strengthen this bond,

For now, this moment, forever,

Be ambassadors of friendship, from our world.


Let us, this moment, sacrosanct,

Ignite esthetic ambiance,

For love, for Unionship, cyclical,

Be example, for history, years to come.


Let us, this moment, fighters,

Strive to steady the lights in our hearts,

So it glows, so it beautifies in sparks,

Like cricket sounds at night.


Let us, this moment, time checkers,

Not forget to remember the past,

Let time separate our presence not hearts,

Let friendship stay formidable from afar.


We once saw with our eyes closed,

We once spoke without saying a word,

Because we once wished and hoped,

And we believed and that made us one.


So let us, ourselves, stand firm,

On that spot we played yesteryears,

When we danced on time, timid, tame,

As the world turns cold, we go pale.





Living Pictures



Trying to fit in,

in a whole different picture,

Is like pricking oneself with a pin,

And smiling like it doesn’t hurt.


Sticking to your trouble,

Was like fighting mine,

You are my Muse,

Behind every fight.


We dreamt of a tomorrow,

And never slept hoping,

We worked and sorrowed,

As the price for believing.


The silent picture on the wall,

Holds so much beyond words,

Memories of yesteryears,

That birthed today.


If we had despaired,

We’d tell stories with no ending,

If we had failed,

We’d tell lies with no beginning.


If I think of the past within,

And nothing crosses my heart of us,

The picture would be hanging,

Alone, without stories of our love.





Painful Desire



You always pull me back,

I’ve tried to forget the past,

Where my sorrow was conceived,

Where only defeat was believed.


At that playground,

Our truth was found,

Yesterday bares stains,

Yesterday nurtured pain.


I still see our grins,

Even as days go dim,

It sparks the ambiance,

But you’re nowhere to be found.


Shadows blur my thoughts,

I still depict your demeanor,

In those days with none to share,

Beside me, an ordeal, you were there.


My mind says reject,

But my heart objects,

I’ll never find another,

Good things forbid twice.


I’ll build us a before,

And call it Yes’today,

We’ll wait another future,

Where friendship never fades.





Right There



I’ll be right there,

Holding your arm,

When you close your eyes,

And open your heart.


I’ll be right there,

Even when i’m gone,

I’ll never leave your side,

I’ll be watching like the sun,


I’ll be right there,

Even when you cry,

I’ll place you a shoulder,

And win you a smile.


I’ll be right there,

Writing you a song,

About a charming girl,

In fifty verses of love.


I’ll be right there,

To be your million man,

To wipe your every tears,

And stay till the end.


I’ll be right there,

Just like the sky,

To wet you in sapphire,

And dry you in emerald.


I’ll be right there,

Just like the night,

I’ll hide you in the dark,

From witches’ sparks.


I’ll be right there,

Lying at your side,

When the sun is setting,

When death comes calling.






Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel

Moses Chukwuemeka Daniel is from Nigeria and is the fourth child of a family of seven. He is aspiring to study English and literary studies in university.

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