August 9, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Victor Ola-Matthew



Mixed Emotions



You say you’re sorry

But I stood by every lie you told

If this was me dying by the blow of Ali

You’d cook soup and say you had a cold.


Stagger, you drunkard

Grammar, you illiterate

You ruthless fool, burn

If the roof was on fire

You’d rather watch the premiere of a show.


You liar,

You’d make Hades happy to open the underworld.

Your sagehood departed right from your mother’s womb.


Dear lord, help me before I murder you.

I hate you, I love you

Waiting for your apologies,

I hate that I love you

I need to hear your stories,

I die in mixed emotions for you.






Victor Ola-Matthew

Victor Ola-Matthew is a 13 year old writer and singer hailing from the south-western part of Nigeria, Ekiti state. He is currently in his second year of his senior secondary school education. He presently resides in the hustling and bustling city, Lagos and hopes to be a successful writer in the future. 

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