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Wole Oguntola



The Downcast And Dwellers



Two intolerable inhabitants

Have taken oath to team together

The downcast and dwellers


They settle among sharps

And stings of sorrow

Of ill-gotten days


And see them through cracked defence

Both communing together

But of different worlds


As dwellers keep hoping

In the twists and turns

Of time

Downcast keeps building

The dreams in the castle of air

And grandeur

of melting sun


They’ve come in tangle of wrists

In trap of traitors

And through rhythm of wars

Of hope detailing land

Where wailings do echo

Silent range of laughter

On the fence of disintegration


It seems sometimes is

a traversed truth

Dwellers are compelled

To unknown spells

From where meadow of mysteries

Rises its voice upon the land


Patriot-bearers, learn to jubilate!

A time coming

Waving and rejuvenating

To revive the land

Among sharps of sorrow

And stings of ill-gotten days.





Dauntless Defence

(to Balogun Adeoluwa)



Dauntless defence

Homes your strength I sink


Where you’re hailed stronger

From stagger to stamina


Even adrift whirlwind

When its whistles by-

In life even when ticking


Shared dreams have you to shoot

This preempted projectiles

At wall of indication, a must!


Indeed, the fence

Is this defense, you assembled

In apt fury to free the deprived-

And in that cab of history came with profound you

Who let Masonic procession

To uncover the blindfold

Put on the defenseless.





A Road in Europe

(to Henry Wole Akintola)



To one who sojourns

On a terrain

Whose head is raised

Above the earth matrix

Like morning sunflower

To above stodgy flood

Where every good road

Meet in Europe

And where spreading grass greens the dreams

In marble of the shooting sun


Must is your colourful dreams

Sparking in the city night


Where your noble will

Is strolling in marvel mal


I’ve fallen asleep

And lost in its full scenery


And awaken by the clang of steels

And gently rubbed my palms

Like a too-serious praying mantis

Demanding for acceptance

Of a lift of flight.







Wole Oguntola

Wole Oguntola is a poet with two intermittent swords, as well as a short story writer, satirist and critic; whose poems have been published home and abroad. He is also a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors.

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