Being taken for a ride by Mr Juncker is most costly

August 10, 2017 Europe , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS , UK

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Hazel Speed


Jean-Claude Juncker‘s air taxi has recently clocked up €25,000 EU – no wonder he wants a large fee from Britain, and tells the UK that their clock is ticking.

Many Leave voters are saying, no ‘rides’ required thank you Mr Juncker, we have been taken for too many of a different kind already.

Although a financial breakdown may have been provided for the benefit of the British Government in negotiations with the EU, (though somehow that could be doubtful), so far, the British people have not been edified exactly what monies are required to leave the elite EU club,


A – Why we owe the EU anything prior to leaving, presupposing obligatory subscriptions to the EU pot are paid in advance, not retrospectively.


B – What is it for, and does it include financial oddities, such as air taxi costs for himself and any guests?


C – Is the UK due any rebates. If not, why not?


D – Possibly more questions as, and when, the need arises


Another thought is whether or not the claimed monies include any EU administrative expenses in respect of facilitating Brexit, not forgetting, that Britain can counter-claim and raise with, the EU maliciously impeding a divorce by interfering with the domestic and political workings of a foreign country and with it, Constituent Countries therein.

In many ways, industrial espionage is not too far off according to those who reference discontent and threats re the City, banks, car industries, and Constituent Countries, trying to turn them all against each other with comparisons, and then collectively, against the UK Government; a Cold War ploy to divide and conquer.

Perhaps it is good to reiterate the obvious regarding monies quoted on ‘that bus’ banner during the Brexit Referendum. It was saying that a large sum of money could go towards the NHS rather than the coffers of Europe.

Incredibly, it has caused a terrible backlash post Brexit because monies advertised have not been passed on to the NHS yet.

Given that (a), one had to formerly actual leave Europe (March 2019), first before those monies can be re-allocated elsewhere; and (b), only the Government of the day has the power to determine if that saved money is then reassigned to the NHS; the concept of the banner was taken ‘as read’ and obvious, but those who want to warp facts and cause disenchantment are stirring that point, thereby insulting the British people by inferring they are ‘thick’.

Similarly, all the bright sparks who continue to state, during the Prime Minister’s visit to The White House, that President Trump and Mrs May were holding hands, when he was obviously helping her down some tricky stairs so she did not fall.

He was being ‘gallant,’ and the camera clearly shows that they were not even remotely holding hands, but a couple of carefully held finger tips. To be honest, whoever did a recce or prior walk-through the route, should have anticipated this would happen and diverted the areas of walking accordingly.

If political Opposition leaders and devious MPs (plus certain reporters), cannot get such basic facts right without distorting events, then how can the people of the UK trust them if  power became theirs, not that they invoke trust anyway, which is why they are the Opposition post General Election. The Prime Minister may have been re-elected with a reduced majority, but she still won, even surviving no collective independent option for a Leave Vote as there was in the Brexit Referendum, the true reason for Mrs May’s reduced numbers, as many who did vote Leave in the Referendum, (i) would never vote for the Conservative Party and (ii) presumed the Government would return with larger numbers, given the success of the Brexit Referendum vote. Many feel that is the true reason, though it is rare to hear being referenced in that way within the media.

Being taken for an expensive ride by Mr Juncker is one thing, but the British people must be on their guard they are not taken for a more costly ride of a different kind, and form of currency domestically, which is none other than the Coin of Truth!





Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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