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Purabi Bhattacharya




Little love note



I have in love

risen again

this is quite offbeat

than what happened much earlier.

It was coiled in words

between physics chapters

intertwined in the lessons on arc length,

Archimedes principles and first love.

Then love was breezy

it was never a wait for rains

it poured anyway.

It was never the cravings for sweet cold some things

they were there anyway.

This time round

no words peekaboo

it’s hushed

coyness braiding

the wait for washing away the summer

with a downpour draws out

it isn’t happening anytime soon, I am reminded.


I do not have an elaborate garden

to see if the butterflies visit the very little blooms

in my vertical one.

The flower pots are filled with cracked soil and


As i stumble upon the thought

a trickle of sweat

sogs the soil.


In an aflamed afternoon

i can smell… pickles

in the neighbourhood; peppered with nostalgia

roaming free, making its way

through the railings of our verandah

and i know this is not my grandmother’s recipe

but with all the craving

and sulking

the romantic in willy nilly begins to scribble

a little love note, written to an untold lover.





In waiting



Of late i have begun to hate nights. Raw baked nighttimes

when death comes calling

and beats a hasty retreat as it reached, just like ol’buttermilk sky

with promise, never pouring.


The owl pair stares at my nakedness. My hollowness digging burrow

growing inside, perambulating

in the wan hours.


A life later

i’d like to hoot…or still better

become them, with large pair of eyes

in waiting, ogle.






Purabi Bhattacharya

Purabi Bhattacharya is a writer from Shillong, India. Currently based in Gujarat, she has debuted with a collection of poems ‘Call me‘ published by Writers Workshop, India. She is on the panel of Muse India Book Review. Her poems have appeared mostly in print journals, anthologies published in India apart from contributing to some internet poetry portals including Tuck Magazine and Ink, Sweat and Tears.

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