North Korea or United States – Which Leader should exercise patience?

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The world is once again holding its breath, during what appears to be a modern take on the 1960s Bay of Pigs political stand-off.  I recall that worrying period only too well.  JFK was President and he gave an ultimatum that halted missiles which were en route to Cuba.

Now, North Korea has launched countless test missiles, and it is assumed they have the capacity to add a nuclear warhead and the potential is there for an attack on certain areas of the United States, but latest boasts have been to threaten, if not actually predict, an imminent attack on, or nearby, the American Protectorate of Guam.

So as media relates, the world listens to the rhetoric of two major leaders, the rantings of a despot of North Korea, who subjugates, tortures, imprisons, and murders his own people, goading America with predictions of his military prowess and future attacks, then the retorts from America’s leader who has to protect the lives of his own peoples (and he includes allies therein).

President Trump has tolerated all this by showing restraint of any pre-emptive strikes, appealed to other countries for diplomatic help and has initiated appeals for sanctions.

However, any Leader of the Free World, or an individual country, must protect their own citizens before, and precluding, an attack. It is no good apologising post nuclear event.

Yet despite all of the above, including the installation of THAAD – a preventative rocket system in situ in South Korea, and then combined naval military exercise displays in conjunction with allies, President Trump is being told to show patience and tone down his rhetoric.

Some are saying that if North Korea is not stopped, then things will get worse further on, with their leader’s growing power emulating that of Hitler.  I do not see that as an exact simile, but understand the underlying concept.

It is ironic, too that Angela Merkel is one voice requesting that the rhetoric is toned down.

Russia clawed back some of their historic borders of Crimea without anyone able, or willing, to raise any defence to the victims.

North Korea’s missiles are not aimed at Europe (at least as far as we know yet), so it is easy to tell another nation’s leader(s) not to take comments to brinkmanship.

It is sad to think that innocent adults and children could be annihilated, in what would inevitably be great numbers.  Also, how many missiles will go back and forth in ping-pong style?

China are reputed to have stated they may not honour protection to North Korea, if the first missile is indeed launched by them against America (or Guam), South Korea.  Then everyone worries what the Russians may do.

Do these viewing adjudicating countries act as diplomatic umpires thereafter, as if missiles are launched, the scale will be unknown until it concludes, and then what?

Granted, and hopefully, diplomatic channels are still open privately, but that said, are the victims of aggression always expected, and told to be patient, as is that really the best diplomatic exercise, when perhaps immediate calculated military controlled disabling also is the best diplomatic response, as America did elsewhere.

All life is sacred, but even Second World War history tells us most clearly that immediate military reaction can sometimes save countless lives otherwise lost through delay of the same thing.

Being a leader of a free country means that within such capacity, one is representing the voters of their land, and must also consult military, diplomatic and other advisors, but ultimately, the responsibility and decision is theirs and either way, will be something which they must live with for the rest of their lives.

We all pray the right outcome is achieved, preferably through diplomatic means without need for loss of life, but that said, the world must realise that it cannot be held to ransom in these ways every time someone threatens another country in this way, as the sooner someone stands firm against this type of aggression, then it increases the chance that rogue leaders will think twice before embarking on such ill thought threats in the future.

Instead of telling victims throughout life to always show patience, why do they not collectively rebuke and warn the bullies who initiate fear of possible nuclear war, as if such tragedy does occur, it will be irredeemable.

As things stand, the wrong message is being incorrectly and publicly assigned, thereby simultaneously giving a tacitly ‘taken as read’ public message of approval to a tyrant.





Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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