August 15, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Javed Ahmed



A Poet doesn’t die



A poet writes

Not with a pen

But with a spirit


A part

Of his soul

Is trapped

In the verses


And verses


In the minds

Will remain


Heart stops

Mind dies

Spirit flies


But a poet

Doesn’t die

His soul may rest

But his heart

Lives on






Don’t Compare



There are flowers

Of every hue

Each with its

Own beauty


Rose can’t be a lily

Lily can’t be a rose

Every flower is lovely

In its own way


You can’t compare

Apples with pears

Every fruit has its

Own taste and flare


A flower doesn’t think of

Competing with the other

Just they bloom


I am a poet

Don’t compare me

There is no one like me


My verses may not be

Beautiful like yours

But they are

Their own kind

Of beautiful







Javed Ahmed

Javed is a Poet from India and studied MSc Maths & Physics, MSc Psychology, MA English BEd at Osmania University.

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  1. JAWEED AHMED September 11, at 06:49

    I am glad and highly thankful to you dear sir, I am always with you to support you for your magazine


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