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Sourav Sarkar



Saved Minotaur



Ethics can not erase the grief of a layman

Optical illusions ignite momentary fun

To see the unexpected;

Time has galloped hegemony

Changes are inevitable

Species absconded under imperial authority

But the last minotaur saved

Epigraph that toasted upon archaeological excavations are

Nothing but epigraphs of ugly beauty

Earlier times they were wild and naked

Linear equation was far distant

Now they are partly saved but changed as that of salamander.








I can stand on a dusty road

And see people passing by

None of them I know

None is my foe;

I have heard their call

I have felt their silence in jobless winters

None of them are happy

But still singing songs.





Numb words



If I say “no” to you

You perhaps cry to hear my song

If I say “yes”,

You may get hurt

I cannot speak aloud

These words…

A simple yes or no cannot divide lines

Words that we always hide,

Always keep inside, are the true ones

That itself describe what we possess in heart;

It may be long drifted love

Or pain accomplished through years of solitude

But words have their own souls.






Sourav Sarkar

Sourav Sarkar

The poet Sourav Sarkar was born in November 1988 in Cooch Behar district, West Bengal, INDIA. He received a graduation in English Literature from  University B.T & Evening college and a Post graduate from St. Joseph’s college Darjeeling in English Literature. Foremost he is a poet and is writing in vernacular (Bengali language) and especially (English poems). He is also writing critical pieces, short stories and novels. His poems have appeared in many magazines and newspapers.

I have been writing from my childhood days since 2005. I am 27 years old. I am a nature lover and invoke beauty of nature, but I have written poems from different angles of life and each poem of mine has its own individual theme.      

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