Why Trump is a Jackpot for India

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Ratnesh Dwivedi


Trump is a real businessman. He has asked India’s help in rebuilding Afghanistan in exactly the same way as I have written in my book ‘U.S. intelligence and Cost of War.’ The United States has of late realized that the blank cheques it was giving to Pakistan have been used to shelter terrorists like Osama Bin Laden. Pakistan has become a tumour for the U.S. and POTUS has now realized that a donation of even a single penny to the country will only make the condition worse.

As per the popular Hindi quote ‘Ek Teer se Do Shikar,‘ POTUS wants India’s help in the same sense. The past three Presidents; Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Barack Obama had no clear cut policy towards Afghanistan, instead being more of a confused policy. Bill Clinton had a neutral stand while Bush had an aggressive stand towards Afghanistan by ordering more troops there. But Obama always supported more troops returning to the barracks from the battleground.

POTUS knows India has rich cultural ties and a strong bond with Afghanistan which will help the U.S. win the heart and soul of Afghanistan and ensure it has an everlasting role there. Remember like India, Afghanistan too has a turbulent past with Pakistan which boosts India’s role in Afghanistan. POTUS and his administration are very angry with Pakistan since it has developed close military relations with China, the former staying there also.

The U.S. wants India’s help in balancing the growing clout of China as the next Super Power by replacing the United States in the next 10-15 years or so. POTUS therefore wants India to play a bigger role in global politics and wants to see India on the world center stage as he sees Narendra Modi having more popularity and stronger willpower than Indira Gandhi and Nehru.

Many diplomats believe that China’s current aggression in Doklam is an exercise to keep India distracted from its main goal of development. If Afghanistan is important for POTUS, India’s help is equally important to reconstruct the war torn nation.

But above all, one point is clear that Pakistan has become a spoiled child in the eyes of the U.S. In this scenario India has become important and so has its role in global politics. The two largest democracies can do wonders together while we must at the same time remember there is a small India living out there in the United States too.






Ratnesh Dwivedi

Ratnesh Dwivedi transferred his skills of the Media Industry into his passion for writing, teaching and commenting on Global Affairs. He has seen the changing face of global politics as a budding media professional who regularly comments on the changing equation between U.S., Middle East and South Asia. He has been writing on the U.S. led strike on Iraq and post war reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan. Later he continued his association with President George W Bush as a Charter Member of the George W Bush Presidential Center, Texas. The center is home to documentation of President Bush’s double tenure and consists of a library and museum.

Apart from his association with the Bush Center, Ratnesh Dwivedi is associated with several other organizations. He is Chapter Member with the Internet Society, a global non-profit organization which works for popularity of the internet. Ratnesh is also associated with
the European Communication Research and Education Association, a premier media research organization in Europe. He is also an Individual Member with the Institute of English Studies, University of London and has a non-member status with the American Astronomical Society.

He has authored five books. ‘The Story of an Intern’ is a reportage book of the struggle of an intern in the big bad media world, while ‘The Cosmic Mask’ is a compilation of nine space fiction stories which he self published with an Amazon company. Third and fourth are awarded academic books. His fifth book on US Intelligence and Cost of War was released in 2015.

Ratnesh Dwivedi bears the honor of attending several high rated workshops of NASA and continuously follows NASA updates. Ratnesh loves to be categorized as a prolific writer, commentator and academician.

Ratnesh Dwivedi attained his Masters Degree from the University of Lucknow in Journalism and Mass Communication in 1999 and is currently pursuing a doctorate on “International Terrorism and Television Channels: Operation and Regulation of Television Channels During Coverage of 9/11 and 26/11” from Amity University, India under the supervision of Dr Sarah T Partlow, Director and Professor at Idaho State University, U.S.

He has been associated with Amity University, where he led a project to set up Community Radio Station and TV Studio apart from his teaching assignment. He is widely published academician in the field of Media and Communication with nearly 30 publications and presentations in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Britain, USA and India.

He is serving as Director-CRS at Teerthankar Mahaveer University in India. He is Consultant with a NJ, a U.S. based Energy Firm, Advisors Energy Group and serves as Country Manager-India with London, UK based Cyber Security Firm-Orion-SAS. He reports for a China based think tank and contributes for global online magazine Tuck. He is Head of India with an Italian based CounterTerrorism entity which works with partner agencies around the globe. He lives in New Delhi with his wife and son.

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