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Surbhi Anand



A smile, the sign of peace



I don’t know why the people

Make the choice of weapons,

When only one smile is enough,

To eliminate misunderstandings.


My love!

Let us go far away,

Where there is no one,

To build up our own world,

To sow our own seed,

To put into practice and breed,

Our own thoughts,

And harvest our own crops.








Never walk behind me,

Don’t be a follower of my footsteps,

Never cherish with me,

That what I wish!

Don’t be ideal about me,

Who I am you don’t know

I’m different and you too,

I’m soul mate with brain beauty.


Everybody has to way on,

But yes, if you are let to be on me

That my way has even you too

Then of course you can come

Along with me,

And we both build up this society



So come on be beside me,

Let’s ride on the way of humanity life

Yes! It’s the real way for leading.





On being transparent



Where is life,

Somewhere deep inside me,

I wish to plant seed of happiness,

But the clouds of doubt and mistrust

Do not permit me

To relish my emotions!

They get wrinkles and

Grow old in me,

They mar, my transparent

Thoughts too,

When I stand in front of my

Looking glass,

I see murky shadows hovering

Around my soul,

And then they cling around

The stem of my existence,

As a piece of magnet attracts nails

And they bristle like thistles of


On confronting the reality,

My soul gets stifled,

I breathe but in a state of delirium,

Aroma of breath spreads,

Tears fall down like a string of


When it goes loose,

And in each falling pearl I see

My melting transparent existence,

Mixing into dust,

Gem by gem,

Drop by drop!






Surbhi Anand

I am a young poetess from Bihar (Patna). I have completed my msc nd preparing for competitive exams, my hobbies singing and painting. I am also a contributing poetess for english anthology nd hindi anthology and my book ‘Bhavnao Ka Atma Manthan has recently been released and is available from the attached link.

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