Brexit: Who is left to speak for Leavers?

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Hazel Speed


First the people voted with a majority in the Brexit Referendum to Leave Europe, and former Prime Minister David Cameron had promised, should that have been proven to be the case then he would file Article 50 the following day; probably due to the fact he did not believe for one moment that the British people would vote to Leave.

After that, he did a Pontius Pilate, (who also had wondered the meaning of truth), then Mrs May was elected by the Conservative Party to become Prime Minister.

Democracy was challenged in the Supreme Court by Ms Miller, and she won, so it all had to be discussed in Parliament, whereas, historically, a majority democratic vote was sufficient.

To avoid future repetition, despite promises to the contrary by Mrs May, she held a snap General Election, no doubt thinking that if she had a greater majority, she could avoid all these hindrances.

We also had her Lancaster House Speech to rely on, albeit that too seems to waiver at times, e.g. ECJ and no (in)-direct involvement in the UK post its leaving the EU.

During the snap General Election there was no joint Leave vote as before, so her majority vote was not as expected, and all opposition Parties claimed she did not have the continued Brexit Mandate; but where was the Supreme Court to adjudicate such discrepancy as it was a General Election, not a second Brexit Referendum Collective vote of no particular Party alliance, now, only a Conservative vote in the General Election would have shored up Mrs May’s vote.

However, many original voters in the Brexit Referendum were voting in the Collective Leave Campaign, from UKIP, Labour, Conservatives, Lib Dems, etc.

Labour voted the Article 50 Bill through Parliament and suffered front bench disobedience against their Leader, thereby resigning or being dismissed.

During the General Election, though Labour still lost, they were more successful regaining ground and Mrs May steered a dreadful Campaign, ill-advised in ethos.


Since the General Election, whispers and rumours, plus various statements from nigh on everyone with a voice, especially businesses (but not all), and banks, car industries (but not general electorate), have emerged to infer betrayal of the Leave voters during Exit negotiations with the EU and the ‘turn-coating’ of other Parties who should be held to their initial Parliamentary votes.

Then again, though popular as a personality, the Speaker of the House of Commons has, in the eyes of many, exceeded his powers previously, and breached his Mandate which his Office has held since 17th Century. Otherwise he could have initiated same, as he is prone to spout in other circumstances.

Cliff Edge leaving Europe is what most Leave voters probably voted for and are questioning why the UK hasn’t left yet. Like a Mother taking its child to their first day at school, when the child may be frightened to let go of their Mother’s hand, we apparently now need a sloping transitional mix and match form of exit taking up to a number of years. Like a hang glider reaching the sloping take-off point from a hill above that of a cliff, the point is that a cliff edge remains a cliff edge whenever it is reached. Leave voters say the UK cliff edge are the white cliffs of Dover and they will not be sloping soon.

Now Sir Keir Starmer, Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, is saying Labour’s stance on the Single Market and the Customs Union should remain for now and possibly some form post-Brexit. On whose authority, one wonders, in this convenient political neverland of wishful thinking? This from the Party who signed through the Article 50 Bill.

Where is the Great Reform Bill now (King Henry VIII Powers), whereby the UK transfers all Laws relative to any supervenience by EU/ECJ back into the Sovereignty of UK Parliament in one collective instant process?

Labour vowed to block its journey through the House of Commons (most democratic), so Parliament appears to be sacrosanct when it suits the Supreme Court, whether they represent the electorate or not or break their word or not. Where is democracy? Are not Legal Clerks present in both Houses of Parliament, MPs and Peers? What are the scribes noting during debates – some say it may as well be their shopping lists. As it is, those in both Houses are busy networking or watching themselves on devices they have with them.


The Brexit Voters, whether Leave or Remain, have been told they didn’t know what they voted for in the beginning, then told they did not give Mrs May the same Mandate in a General Election, which was not a second Referendum Vote and had no similar collective non-political party facility to revote anyway, and most were not natural Conservative voters; so as it was a General Election, many reverted back to their original allegiances.

We recall seeing, during TV coverage of the General Election, older people telling the then young Leader of the Liberal Democrats, that they voted Leave and did know what they had voted for. Patronising those who are older in this way is a form of abuse.

Young journalists and politicians should not patronise their elders as we lived in Britain before joining Europe in 1972, decades before they were born. Those of us who voted not to join Europe were disappointed the vote against was lost, but the next day it was accepted and no more was said or done. Now that is maturity and the British Way.

The irony is in denying true democracy to its people via the Mother of all Parliaments, Britain is being imploded from within.

Labour’s first priority is now declared to put business and trading first, not the will of its people, despite claiming to be the true natural representative of the ordinary working voters (which many, many decades ago they were accepted as such). Caveat to that being later disclosures of released historic documents revealing what one particular Labour Leader of those times was up to; virtually treasonable.

Labour’s recent announcement ensures the end of democracy as it has always been traditionally manifest, as Britains become serfs once again.

Where our enemies in two Great World Wars failed during the last Century, the Leaders of Britain have succeeded.

Saddest of all is, that the events of the English Civil War were not heeded. Hence the saying that the lessons of history, if ignored, are destined to repeat themselves. Though the consequences are customised accordingly, and all are relevant to each time.





Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

Hazel Speed is a Philosopher, Writer, and Artist with various creative projects at differing stages of development. Her flaship project is an animation which has produced a film short: She has also written an E-novel, ‘Just Suppose…!‘ which is available via the attached link.

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