Post Brexit: UK no longer laying golden eggs for others

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The Prime Minister, whilst in Japan, will have on her schedule to participate in the partaking of a tea ceremony, in the hope North Korea doesn’t gate crash in any format; and what else, oh yes – to try and secure with the Japanese a ‘draft outline’ of a trade deal post Brexit, and no doubt facilitating some worthwhile ones whilst Britain remains as a Member of the European Union.

Apparently, encouraging comments were made by the Japanese that both Nations, themselves and the UK, had a lot in common, such as being seafaring islands, etc.  Mrs May has said both the Japanese and the UK were of like minds.  Commentators are saying that Japan and the EU have still not finalised their direct deal yet.

Against such face value positivism, someone then mentioned what, in the friendships of ordinary people in Britain, is best known as being a fair weather friend; because of course, things may change post Brexit as the allure with the UK was primarily due because Britain is a gateway to the European Union and block trading.  Mmmm.

Japan once valued the word ‘honour’ in a more dictionary-based description of its usage and meaning.  Then again sadly, so did the UK regarding revering outcomes of Referendum Vote results.


Not wanting to diminish the apparent present goodwill between Japan and the UK during Mrs May’s visit, nobody likes to always be the bridesmaid and never the bride, each Nation, as well as individual human beings, prefer to be loved for themselves, the whole self.

Some remark about being used politically in that way, that either charge Japan (EU divorce style fee requests of Britain), an agency fee for third party introductions (x 27 countries), or tell them to merely just leave the customary money on the side table, in appreciation of the UK serving the purposes of others…

However, all should not be condemned out of turn, in that Mrs May had hoped to ‘copy paste’ (as one political commentator explained), the ultimate deal between Japan and the EU, and add a top-up UK customised section to form a deal with Britain and Japan post Brexit.

In which case, perhaps some change is due regarding money payment referred above herein, though there again, maybe not, as the Japanese can have their British cream cakes and eat them too.

Caveat: The EU may not take too kindly to the secondary deal between Japan and UK based on their EU deal with Japan, and one wonders as to their response and clauses they insert in Japanese contracts, which hopefully by then, bears no clout under UK Laws and its Sovereign Parliament.


President Obama tried to usurp the democracy of our nation too, when he was in Office leading up to the UK Brexit vote; he also threatened he would put Europe first.  Many replied that, as they themselves (U.S.) protected their own country from enemies (foreign or domestic), so does the UK.

Secondly, please stop using Elgar’s Land of Hope and Glory – music and lyrics, as it is as sacred to many in Britain as Hail to the Chief is supposedly to Americans.  Besides, the lyrics refer to British people, and I am sure they would not wish to sing those as it would be contrary to their own constitution, as it is to British biological ones.  We each have our own national pride don’t we, regardless of flags and allies.

It would be refreshing if historical data were to be published by the UK Government, prior to 1972 and going back centuries, giving detail which countries we traded with, what monies and successes were achieved, across industry, universities, medical sciences, inventions, investments, foreign aid, immigration et al, especially, but not exclusively, with all the Commonwealth Countries; nearly double the number of those in the EU, with the Commonwealth Family of Nations – HM The Queen as their Sovereign Head thereof – something Mrs Merkel can only aspire to.

As for Mr Barnier‘s most petulant remarks that it was time that the UK put some serious unambiguous items on his restrictive preliminary coffee table, all we can say to that is to ‘tut’, Tsk Tsk.






Hazel Speed

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