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Hazel Speed


Mrs May has caused a ripple of amazement with the prospect of her standing to be re-elected at the next General Election.

Those who may be fazed by the prospect are selling her short. It is conceded she misjudged a few things, important things, then inferred fudging in other areas. Cutting to the chase, her Lancaster House Speech was, for many, ‘spot on’.  Many deem it a historic Statesmanlike speech.

Some stone-casting by others emerged thereafter, particularly as to the meaning of new political relationships post Brexit re metaphors for a new type of trade deal (a form of replacement Customs Union), ill advised to use in debate as people were, and still are, thinking Customs Union Mark I then Mark II; when, in reality, they are totally different facilities, e.g. akin to comparing two different numbered buses rather than a bus compared to a taxi (free world trading post Brexit).

Then after such a finely crafted speech came the promise there would be no need for a General Election until long after post Brexit, after we had all seen how Britain would benefit from its independent Sovereignty once more.  Sound stuff.

So disastrously, then came a broken promise and U-turn, poorly politically conceived snap General Election, and totally irritating chanting by all in her Party during interview ‘strong and stable’.. it was not only annoying, but childish.  Why it was not dropped asap is beyond belief.

One felt sorry to see the Prime Minister standing next to a Collective from a Star Trek episode early in the morning to hear the Returning Officer confirming her re-election, and nationally, with reduced majority.

Then, although many of us lost our Carer’s Pensions and other monies through the WASPI injustice (being born in 1950s and having State Pensions delayed et al, e.g. Carer’s Pensions lost), Mrs May subsidised the DUP to over one billion so she could keep her job with extra Parliamentary votes, albeit similar and slightly smaller amounts had been presented to Wales, Scotland (but not England), on the General Election Campaign trail.

Then Mrs May listed, like a tall tree in a rough storm as to infer compliance, even ever so slightly and briefly, it precludes being broken.  Consequently, great emphasis was now being put on what the banks and big business required of the Prime Minister, not the average voter any more.


Despite such swaying back and forth in order not to disappoint those who could use their political influence to destroy her, we now seem recently to be back with references to the Lancaster House Speech and new speech writers too, of course to supplement its essence.

When one considers all our Prime Minister has achieved abroad (caveat being, of course, we are not aware of what is being said or agreed), she has certainly coped with enormity of diplomacy and can affix her flying colours to the Brexit mast internationally, in addition to when she stood and presented that Lancaster House Speech.

When I heard the speech, the thought occurred to me then that she had assessed the wishes and voters who comprised the majority in the Brexit Referendum, and one could well see the Prime Minister getting us through the Brexit negotiations admirably, asserting a Britain that would be Great again, thereby resulting in her re-election as Prime Minister.

It is still possible, but only, in the minds of many, if Mrs May reverts to that Lancaster House Speech and enforces its key principles upon Europe, enough of soft / ‘what do banks, businesses and car manufacturers want’, and replace that ethos with ‘what did the majority of individual voters vote for’; even moreso now, when Labour are turncoating on the aspects of the Article 50 Bill they originally backed in Parliament.


Here therefore, is a golden opportunity, when the Labour Party (formerly historic representatives of the people’s Party), are off gathering political raspberries, for the Conservative Party to truly represent the people now, and that can only be achieved, and Mrs May to see a successful Brexit facilitated, thus taking her to re-election on the strength of a thriving and free United Kingdom, by doing three things now:


Revert back to references, stance, and replication of her Lancaster House Speech as often as is required and also spoken of bravely during Brexit negotiation talks;


Initiate the Great Repeal Bill whilst she can utilising the purchased backing from the DUP;


If necessary, walk away from the EU and put the key through the letterbox.



Time for the Prime Minister to walk the talk; as at the end of the day she will have to choose a side and Britain has, until now, always been a democracy and the people voted for a strong Brexit, a Leave Brexit.

The irony being, if the Prime Minister does not expedite that Mandate ignoring coercion of those who relentlessly conspire to overturn British democracy, then all, with one voice, will be voting for the Prime Minister to Leave also, resulting in the electorate never to vote again, after all, why bother if a vote can be overturned.

Normally we send representatives overseas to adjudicate fair votes, but who does it for us all here?

Mrs May will either enter the history books in a way which surpasses that of Mrs Thatcher, who surreptitiously got us into this mess and facilitated the inception of a greedy caringless society, or Mrs May can be an example of freeing this country and giving it back its pride through regaining its sovereignty.

It can be done, but the Lancaster House Speech is the key which will open the door for us all.

Please have this courage, Prime Minister, better to be ousted out of power for doing the right and honourable thing, than being re-elected for the wrong and dishonourable ones.

Women had to fight for decades to be given the right to vote, if Mrs May proves the X on the voting paper has no power, then the history books will show ‘who and why’, regarding the millions who suddenly became future non-voters. Women of courage, however, are always referenced in the world’s history books and are never forgotten, but often spoken of with pride. Make us all proud Prime Minister.





Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

Hazel Speed is a Philosopher, Writer, and Artist with various creative projects at differing stages of development. Her flaship project is an animation which has produced a film short: She has also written an E-novel, ‘Just Suppose…!‘ which is available via the attached link.

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