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September 7, 2017 Europe , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS , UK

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Hazel Speed


Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has apparently had a document leaked regarding his proposal for a reduction and curb on immigration, plus increase in ship building yards throughout Britain to generate related industry skills returning once more.  This would also enable sales of a new class of frigates to other countries.  His document has not, as yet, we are told, been signed off by the Government.

Quite often, historically, such leaked ‘drafts’ are facilitated to draw reaction, as if in a political and social survey of sorts before the Government, or opposition of the day, enforces its contents as legislation in due course, or changes its tack.

On the face of it, the contents of the outline are sound.  Ship building has been big business in these Islands for centuries.

There is the inevitable requirement of utilising master craftsmen/craftswomen, and training new ones whilst they work, thereby learning within apprenticeships. Designers, scientists with skills of physics, engineers, boiler makers, engines, wheel house, rudder, communications rooms, steel works for beams, ship’s shell, floors, lifts, welders, carpenters, modern IT designer, weaponry…the list is endless.

Thousands of jobs would be created, mostly UK jobs no doubt, unless special expertise has to be seconded for a given aspect.

Mr Fallon’s suggestion on immigration restrictions are fair also, and based on skilled and unskilled workers, something common in other world countries.

Despite all that his document portrays, once again, businesses are pleading it will be the end of this or that.

Two retorts I commonly hear to their outcries are (1) Britain is full of unemployed people, pay them a living wage with fair conditions and you will be alright; (2) If you cannot afford Option (1) then you have no right to even be in business.

There are those who say to avoid a Brexit ‘cliff edge’ Britain needs a longer transition period and the UK should stay in the single market and the customs union. Whenever Britain leaves the EU it is still a cliff edge, and we have already been denied that.

Mrs May’s Lancaster House Speech has confirmed in order to leave Europe, Britain has to leave the single market and the customs union, the majority of British voters voted for that and it is what the Government will deliver.

The Labour Party have turncoated on Trident, and now they have done the same re the single market and the customs union, having previously supported the Government’s stance and Bill in Parliament, because they knew originally it was the will of the majority who voted in the Brexit Referendum, but now they want the opposite and to overturn democracy.

What I keep thinking is that this whole Brexit saga is embarrassing, akin to taking a child to school but the child won’t let go of its Mother’s hand.

With apologies to Oliver Cromwell, Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington, Winston Churchill et al that some Great Britons of today are so lacking in intestinal fortitude.

If we truly adhered to the winning democratic vote, we should be speaking with one voice in the current EU negotiations – just think what a difference it would make to the outcome.





Hazel Speed

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