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Opal Ingram




She is Eva



Her sway is hidden in her walk

she lived upon her clutter.


She got tossed and turned out

where the game played rough and dirty.


Nobody seemed to notice her

but the vulnerable ears.


Her bag was sometimes leather or plastic

the labels had bright colors, she held her head high

taught to forgive and forget the talk of the haves


Because she did not have much

she held her head high

she learned to forgive

and forget the flaws of empty hearts.

where the game played unfair with a deuce but without a heart.

she is Eva, a dream catcher, her sway is hidden in her walk.





Up In A  Circle



I sat and watched in a stare

on the circle, the bus went

around the clouds gather

and the trees stood bare.


The leaves look orange

I had a sense of calmness

In my soul.


I learn to let go

and let God handle

my burden.


I felt worn

but I stood

my ground.


I travel on a road where my path met shady

along the path,

I felt small

I felt bitter

and angry


I was sitting on the edge

with a tilt of innocence.


From a youth view

caught up in a day

where it seemed

no different than the next.


I kept running until I got tired of

the same game playing dirty.


Feeling like a bouncing ball on crooked curbs

ghetto fab hood all day.


Where in a day nothing made no difference than the next.

It was clear as day I was up in the struggle with nowhere to go

but to keep strong,


I carry my pride on my shoulder

brush my pain and kept it moving

nobody really knew

I was cool up in the circle

where courage met humble.






Opal Ingram - Tuck Magazine

Opal Ingram

Opal Ingram is a Poet/ Author from the Lower East Side NYC . She currently Resides In Troy, NY. Her Passion For Writing began in her childhood.

Opal Ingram also has a Facebook Poetry group, Opal Expressions Poetry aka- Poetress Mystic.

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