September 19, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Zion Victor-Tade




My Irish Daisy



Looking round the clock

A suspect in disarray

Searching the future

How will it be a better place?

Rising to admire the jewelry

Just to gain the conscience of all


Oh my lovely dandelion

Shining brightly in the sunlight

Though it’s so bright,

It dangles in the darkness

You wake in the morning bloom

And close up with the sunset


Flashback to the past

Where it all went wrong

The beginning of the end

The hope for liberty

Freedom and fidelity


Finally on the route

Looking to communicate

To be indiscriminate

And also to compensate


Here we are to put things in place

The suspect has been found guilty

And the puff-ball is ready to shine






Zion Victor-Tade

?I am Zion Victor-Tade, a graduate of mass communication from Bowen University. I’m a writer and a presenter. A native of Oyo, Nigeria and I live in Ibadan, Oyo state.

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  1. Pelumi February 01, at 12:34

    Great! More power to your elbows ma'am

  2. Zee January 31, at 18:18

    Thanks Abdullahi.

  3. Gaius January 31, at 14:04

    Awesome!!! Keep it up girl...

  4. Abdullahi September 21, at 15:28

    Awwn. These are beautiful, sincere words. Lovely piece. More grease to that elbow ???


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